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  1.  Too easy and not involving enough


    I am a big fan of free roaming RPGs but this one missed the mark a little bit for me. The game has plenty of variety but the customisation is fairly weak. A small pool of weapons and clothing instead of armour, that does nothing except make you look nice or scare people, makes your main character a little boring. You can marry and have children, buy houses and do jobs but all of this is ultimately pointless as it doesnt really get you anywhere. It feels more like playing the sims than an RPG sometimes.

    The main flaw is the interaction with other characters in Albion. I always rate these games against Mass Effects conversation system where what you say affects how people react to you and what type of person you are. In Fable you dont talk at all, to anyone. Sound bizarre? It is. Instead you target someone and communicate through facial expressions and gestures which left me feeling pretty unsatisfied as my character is essentially a mime not a real person.

    The game is also way too easy with no sufficiently challenging encounters or quests to make levelling up worthwhile. The 'ultimate weapon' is so easy to obtain there is no sense of achievement when you get it. Overall, this is a game that tries, but sadly fails to hold the interest in the way that more engrossing RPGs like Fallout 3 or Mass Effect do. The bottom line is you simply wont end up caring about your character and that is what put me off.

  2.  Good fun but a little hollow


    Graphically this game is superb, with some a nice range of special abilities and powers. Action is presented in a third person view as you follow your Sith through a series of varied and engrossing levels. You can learn new abilities as you progress and make some small scale customisations to light sabre colour and outfit.

    However, the story is a little dull and the action is too constricted and repetitive. I think this game would have made an amazing RPG like Mass Effect, with a rogue Jedi exploring the universe and choosing your own story. Instead you get a very formulaic game with a set path to follow and a boss at the end of every level. This lack of freedom and diversity makes the game lose any long term appeal. It's too easy and too short to be considered a good game, its just average.

  3.  Very dull, lasts a few days at most


    I was initially excited about getting this as the customisation looked superb and graphically the game is very good. The real let down for me is the gameplay. The races all take place on city roads, sadly not abandoned ones but roads full of traffic. Each race is simply a 'dodge the computer road user' test rather than a real race, they have little to do with skill and are decided by unlucky spawns of civilians on the roads.

    The choice of cars is also a major disappointment with only a small selection of manufacturers being represented. Once you have a tricked out Saleen with all the upgrades the game will gather dust on your shelf, and that can be done ina few days of non hardcore gaming.

    The difficulty also scales, meaning any ideas you have about finding noobs in Scirroco's or Golf GTis and blazing them in your Lamborghini are ultimately futile because the computer will also be driving a high end car. Essentially, there is no reward for bettering your car as the cpu player will have the same one, pointless eh?

    Online is also faily dismal for the same reason; everyone drives the same car, there is no variety. This is one to rent or borrow from a friend. I sold mine after 3 days.

  4.  Dreadful...


    It takes forever to get going, the plot is dull and predictable and Nic Cage is just not a charismatic hero. A very poor effort, avoid.

  5.  A thoroughly engaging read


    A well written story which chronicles Sigmar's path to forging the Empire of man. The story focuses on Sigmar as he grows up, forging alliances and defending his realm. The development of the characters is good and you get to know them and become interested in their world. There are many exciting action sequences culminating in a great battle against the orcs.

    I found this novel really engrossing and I recommend it to all fans of the warhammer world as it provides detailed insight into the formation of the Empire. Well worth its 5 stars.

  6.  An excellent RPG


    I really enjoyed this game. The ability to customise your main character and choose to be 'good' or 'evil' during the game, based on the decisions you make, is very satisfying. There are a wide range of abilities, weapons and armour to obtain and myriad side quests.

    The story is very good. The amount of details you can learn about the races, as you explore, makes it very compelling. I would reccomend this game to anyone that enjoys Sci-Fi and RPGs and I personally cannot wait for Mass Effect 2.