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9 (89% helpful)

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  1.  Excellent Single Player, Good Multiplayer.


    Yet again I think the developers really delivered with Crysis 3, the single player is really good graphically, in terms of storyline and of course gameplay. The bow is a really cool addition to both single player and multiplayer and is a really cool way of running through the campaign.

    Unfortunately I think multiplayer falls a little short, already I have problems with poor connections/hosting in games and not been able to join friends squads despite trying portforwarding etc. This is a real shame. Plus, when lag kicks in the predator bow feels like the 'only option' due to explosive darts because people really sponge a crazy amount of bullets :( However the bow doesn't really have enough unlocks or xp rewards, forcing you back to frustrating assault rifles and subs (seeing as sniper rifles are often 2-3 hits to kill, why?)

    Anyway, despite my little rant about the multipayer I would still give it 4 star because of single player, feeling invincible isn't gonna get old any time soon, with loads of collectibles to find and stuff to upgrade, would reccomend certainly, it seems not many people have this game on PS3, more should!

  2.  Underrated


    I don't really understand why people are so harsh on this game. Yes, the main story is quite short, the cars handle a bit poorly and traffic can be frustrating, however the visuals are stunning and there at tonnes of challenges to complete to unluck lots of new cars and profile customizations. Multiplayer is good, even better when playing with a friend, the unlock system I think is really good and I've been pleasantly suprised so far, I put off buying it for ages but I would certainly reccomend renting it and giving it a shot, I'm gonna buy it now to try and go for all trophies ;)

  3.  It's Pretty Good (Ive Got Platinum for 1+2)


    O.K, first off I would probably give it 3.5/3.6, out of 5. However it's NO WHERE NEAR AS SHORT, nor A WASTE OF MONEY like some people are stupidly suggesting, yes a single playthrough probably only takes 6-8 hours, but when you consider it has a replay value of at least once, then you add on the combat missions, it's probably worth the money, besides the upgrades and unlocks are pretty good, yes I would say there was more variation in the previous game, particularly in terms of environments/bosses, but IF YOU LIKED THE 1ST ONE GIVE IT A TRY :)

  4.  Maybe Beats GTA4... Buy It!


    I was really pleasantly suprised by the demo for this game, and so thought I'd buy it, and I'm glad I did... The map is huge, this is an exploration like nothing before, the graphics are at times stunning and you kinda go "wow!", particularly when looking at some of the scenery, as well as the pretty cool explosions and gruesome gunfights. For me (although I haven't played GTA4 for a while) it beats GTA 4, with that game I felt let down, they left too much out, and I just wish they'd done a San Andreas style game with next-gen graphics. With this game, there's something quite satisfying about destroying enemy bases, tonnes of enemies, and exploring for hours. Yes, the voice overs are pretty terrible (your ears may burn at the sound of "Bolo Santosi" lol), and the cutscenes/ openings for missions are pretty repetative but after about 15 hours of gampleay, I feel as though I'm just scratching the surface, if unlike me you didn't play just cause 1, nor had I really even heard of it! I would reccomend this, has to be one of the best open world games so far on the PS3... just wish I could sit and play it all day :)

  5.  Don't Listen To Silly Reviews...


    For me, this was a good purchase, clips on easily and feels secure and makes your controller look pretty cool. People are rating low because the buttons don't stick out as much with it on... not a problem at all, as you soon get used to it, and now it feels better, going back to a normal control feels horrible. Only minor issue, is it's a bit harder to take off to clean control e.t.c.

  6.  Outstanding.


    Yes, you could say it's a bit linear, and it's quite cheesy in places, but it's so addictuve, I haven't played a final fantasy game since playstation 1, but I'm so glad I got this. Hours pass like minutes, you would think fighting hundreds of enemies would get boring but it just doesn't, probably down to constantly improving the characters and having to constantly think about tactics. I'm upto about 25 hours of gametime, and still have at least 4 chapters to go, definate value for money, and considering I didn't hear much about the game pre-release they must have worked so hard on the cutscenes and the graphics. If you can handle a few cringeworthy lines, just buy it, buy it now and be pleasantly suprised.

  7.  Just Buy It!! NOW!!


    Dont normally write reviews, but feel this game needs one, because doesn't seem to be well advertised... I gave it a shot, actually cost me 17 quid, best buy ever!! It's like GTA meets Assassins Creed, Graphics are really good, and France looks stunning, the gameplay seems plentiful, and although I've now finished the main story, there's still loads to do, perk upgrades, races and of course the highly enjoyable destruction of all kinds of emplacements scattered across the city. Would reccomend this to anyone really, for tactics, action/adventure, disguise its an all round epic of a game, buy it, and enjoy it. 9.5/10 for me, its up there with the giants of gaming like Uncharted 2, A.Creed 2, one of the best I've bought. Buy, it, enjoy it. Peace Out :)



    This game is one of the best games i've bought for my PS3, and certainly lives up to all the hype. Having received the game on release date i was stunned by the graphics and the action packed gameplay, and the upgrades and player customizations make it all the more fun. Having completed it today (the next day) one of the only downsides is that it's a little short. The other being no online play, however it's still a bust buy, even if you aren't a star wars fan, give it a try you'll throughly enjoy it. Now excuse me while i go experiment with a few cheats now ive completed it- what?

  9.  Good but expected more.


    Although Billy wingrove shows you how to do some pretty cool tricks, a lot of the DVD also involves him showing a lot of basic stuff, and learning you about ball control, thus aimed at younger people. Also i think there needs to be a bit more of you learning instead of him showing off doing a routine.



    If you buy a game like this, you probably wont have to buy another game for your PS3 again, thats how good it is. Having enjoyed the missions, i couldn't wait to get online and my word i was in for a treat! The weapons and perks you unlock from scoring well online, makes you even more addicted, as well as the many game modes ranging from a 1 on 1 cage match to an 18 player ground war. It doesn't get much better than this, i've even had to put GTA 4 on hold to play this again! For £40 buy it now! or get the game of the year adition out soon, thus saving having to download the new maps, oh and one last thing don't blame me if it destroys your social life.