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    This is an unbelievable the graphics are amazing and so is the story. The gameplay is fantastic especially good because it is a good FPS that has has a great cover system. The AI is also superb: they use cover, flank and are fantastic shots. If you play COD alot the controls may take some getting used to because they are heavy and slow but after you are comfortable with it it does add to the feeling of moving around with armour on. But the multiplayer is probably the best thing, its like COD in the style and has a ranking system but instead of playing one match then changing map it strings lots of matches like Team Deathmatch, Assassination and so on together in one game. It might not be as good as Modern Warfare but given the choice between this and COD 5 I'd choose this every time.

  2.  Awesome


    An utterly fantastic game. Everything about is brilliant the gameplay perfectly combines stealth and action and the story is fantastic. But it's the graphics that make this game shine they are amazing. The cut scenes with their amazing visuals and superb voice acting make it better than some films. But there is one problem the cut scenes are way to long some going on for an hour which is just too much.
    But this is easily my top game of 2008. My only advice would be that if you haven't played any other metal gear solid games this will be very confusing but still good.
    If you are however like me a MGS fan you will love this and it will answer any questions you might have. BUY IT NOW!

  3.  Good but...


    This game is good just not good enough. I'm a big Godfather fan so had high hopes and some were met the fighting and gun battles which are great but the bad graphics and repetitive gameplay ruined it my advice is if you didn't like the first one stay away but if you did it's worth a look