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  1.  Not quite my favoutite beatles but still awesome


    Sometimes the quality of some of tracks pushes this close to being my favourite but that's not really relevant- it's a great Beatles album irrespective, probably in my top three Beatles albums.

    'I'm Only Sleeping' is one of my favourite tracks in it's simplicity and beautiful chord changes. The much maligned 'Yellow Submarine' is still a great rabble rouser and breaks up the album nicely. 'Dr Robert' is awesome. Classic rocking song. 'Tomorrow never knows' is cool at the start but slips into pretentious territory as they overdo the backwards guitar effect.

    I've already covered the re-masters mono sound on my review of 'Please, Please Me' which is fine for listening on stereo but can sound strange when you crank it up on the headphones. The production in general is not as clear as say 'Rubber Soul' where the instruments are more sperated and clearly defined and in my ears sounds a bit limp at times.

    But this is very minor criticism. It's a quality album and far better than the absudly overrated 'Sgt Pepper' (but then in my opinion most are!)

  2.  Just to counter the five star reviews


    I like this album. It has quality for the discerning listener. The hushed voices and the silences between notes really add to the mood.

    The only slight flaws are that everytime I listen to it, I enjoy throughly but then two thirds of the way through everything gets too samey and it becomes more like background music. The voices I sometimes find ever so slightly pretentious at times as well. (but don't get me wrong on the whole they are fine). I also thought it might feature more electronics which might have added more variety to the last third of the album.

    These are only minor criticisms as if it was late at night and I wanted to put music on to a discerning friend this would be getting an airing. Very moody.

    Lastly - One of the songs sounds similar to 'Wicked Game' by 'Chris Isaak' which always runs through my mind when I hear. The packaging is also quality.

  3.  Kicthen Sink classic


    This is one of the best 'Kitchen Sink' style films I have seen. At the start of the film it seems like a lighthearted comedy with brilliant performances by Billys Grandma and his father (superbly played by Wilfred Pickles) but near the end turns quite sad and poignant.

    This film is a bit different to some of the films it is usually bracketed with (A Taste of Honey, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning etc.) in that there is a slight bit of comedy and the grimness of life up north is not bludgeoned to death!

    If you like kitchen sink style films such as myself I can't recommend this highly enough. It's not a total misery fest and has a nice mix of light and shade.

  4.  Sugar Hiccup...


    After hearing Sugar Hiccup on a Rough Trade compilation I had to get this. The song is just unreal. I could hardly understand the lyrics but it did not matter- the feelings it gave me was undescribable. Elizabeth Frasers vocals conjured up emotions with the way she was singing rather than what.

    The album itself I was slightly dissapointed with. I've given it a few listens and none of the other songs grab me the way Sugar Hiccup did with it's beauty. The music itself I was also looking forward too with it's reverb heavy and lush textures but a lot of the interesting effects seem to buried beneath the guitar which seems too high in the mix. The cd itself has a murky and sludgy sound.

    It's not a total letdown but is very heavy and serious music wise so don't expect any lighthearted poppy moments.

  5.  Strange, thrilling and cool as f___


    I would have given this album 5 stars except about a third of the album is just total rubbish and not like the majority of the album!

    For example 'Alice Practice' embodies the worst of these type of tracks: tuneless, thrashy, discordant and shouty rubbish. I can't imagine anyone loving this song or the others that are similar.

    However the ones I love are just something else. They have taken/created melodies from old 8 bit games and combined them with what I would call a primitive electro style. I have always liked some of the old Commodore 64 games melodies and other 8 bit stuff (anyone remember Prince Clumsy? It's still in my head 20 years on!) with their mystical, futuristic and eerie qualties so this niche they have found is 'right up my street' so to speak.

    My personal favourites are 'Untrust Us' which is 'out there' but immediate and unique with a strange and undecipherable vocal, 'Crimewave' which is pretty straight ahead dance/sampled vocals for them but is still 'different', 'Air War' which is less dancey but just so cool and slightly sinister, 'Goodtime' with it's just achingly sumptious, wistful and simple melody, 'Vanished' which is the closest to an actual song and again features a naggingly brilliant trancey melody, 'Reckless' which is just thrilling as hell for me and 'Black Panther' which reminds me of 'Huddle Formation' by 'Go Team' fed through a more dancey template.

    Overall I would strongly recommend this. The melodies are just so awesome. They may have probably nicked these off Atari St games but even if they did I'm glad they did.

  6.  Superb but sounds strange on headphones to the modern ear


    The cd itself is awesome. I'd put it up there with Rubber Soul, (probably my favourite) and the White Album, possibly pipping Revolver. As well as being a great Beatles album the sounds are very evocative of that period in time with the harmonies and chord structures used.

    However the cd was orginially recorded on mono as stereo was in its infancy at the time. I have no problems with this as it's an authentic replication and sounds fine on my stereo but if I listen to 'Twist and Shout' or 'Please, Please Me' cranked up loud on the headphones it sounds slightly strange to my ears with the vocals just being on the one channel and having heard a stereo mix where the vocals were centralised.

    However other than that though the cd is great. 'Anna' and a 'Taste of Honey' (not actually wrote by the Beatles) are currently buzzing around my head whilst 'Please, Please Me' and 'Twist and Shout' showcase Lennons vocals at their visceral and primal best.

  7.  Some real gems on this


    The production on some of these tracks makes it breathe beatifully through the speakers. It occured to me after listening to some modern music how suffocatingly bland the production sounded. All the levels seemed so predictable with no flourishes or the visceral punch of one tight beat some of these tracks have.

    The bass line for example on 'Murder She Wrote' by Chaka Demus and Pliers is so tight that you may twitch at the moment of impact.

    'Entertainment' is just sheer class. The vocals and the music are just so tight and enjoyable.

    'Sensi Addict' is just awesome. Catchy as hell.

    Some tracks I'm not too keen on but for any reggae obsessive the mixture of classics and rareties with the detailed sleeve notes makes this a worthwhile purchase.

    -WORD OF WARNING!- The version of Conroy Smith 'Dangerous' which although cool is not the one I wanted! I wanted the one used by Nigel Benn in his ring entrance whereas this is a another version not the single.

    Still like I say some awesome tracks on this

  8. Tyson



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     Absolutely Brilliant


    I got this a week or so ago and each time I have watched I have been utterly enthralled.

    I watched with my Dad and he was a bit aprehensive and thought it would be too heavy going but after 10 mintes he was amazed by how eloquent Tyson was and began to question the media portrayal of him. Now this may be going to far and remember it is Tysons story so is all from his perspective but despite my Dad not having a massive knowledge of the man he had a lot of preconceptions blown away.

    Tyson is indeed utterly entharalling to listen to when I watched with A friend he was amazed at the emotion Tyson shows when he is choked up reminising about his old trainer and mentor Cus D'Amato.

    At it's heart the subject matter is quite sad but I found certain bits laugh out loud funny. His description of Don King for example.

    Overall though Tysons 'gift of the gab', honesty and philosphical musings make this film/documentary an absolute must for anyone interested in a top quality film or with an interest in the man and the sport


  9.  Disappointed - not what I expected


    In some ways I blame myself. I saw La Roux play what I think was Bulletproof on a private performance on TV at Glastonbury. This version sounded sultry, cool and sophisticated, Clear sounding synths pulsating simple pop melodies.

    I'm gonna love this I thought. I envisaged an album full of Heaven 17 80's esque pop fed through some laptop sounds creating speaker heaven.

    Told a mate who seemed quite shocked I had bought, 'a bit poppy for me'. Then I heard one of the songs whilst getting my lunch at work. Sounded a bit charty also... Then realised she had a few singles in the charts. Oh s___, this is gonna be a faux-indie Lady Ga-Ga isn't it? Sadly it was.

    Bulletproof is an ace song but I prefer the version I heard.

    The album sounds cheap. I play a bit of keyboard myself and can't believe the sameyness fo the beats and chords.

    But worse I was under the misguided impression this was going to be a lot more credible. I mean I wasn't expecting an avant garde masterpiece but neither was I expecting this chart fodder.

    And yes has many have commented it is very samey.

  10.  Brilliant songs


    I'd borrowed this from a mate previously and remember hammering 'Simple Twist of Fate' but not really listening to the others.

    So I got it and there's plenty more gems where this came from. 'If you see her say Hello' is simply beautiful: a stirring and a classic love song. 'Buckets of rain' draws you in to it's sublime world with it's cool and crisp guitar playing and is perfect for listening to with a nice smoke as is 'Meet me in the Morning' with it's irresistable blues licks

    But the lyrics are some of Dylans best, they send a shiver down the spine for anyone who has ever been in love:

    'We had a falling-out, like lovers often will
    And to think of how she left that night, it still brings me a chill
    And though our separation, it pierced me to the heart
    She still lives inside of me, we've never been apart...'