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  1.  To Gun and Run or not to....


    Having played this series across a couple of different consoles and version i consider myself a fan.

    I'd read mixed reviews of this game and only decided to purchase after the price dropped - and i'm glad i did. I do agree with other people's comments regarding the "setting/focus" of the game, not primarily at being a "Hitman" which is what the other titles did so well - each mission used to be "right then, who's next...." but this time it's just concerned with getting through and progressing to the level - regardless of whether you decide to take a few people out along the way.

    This is the key point - choice. You can decide how to "play" each level, sneak stealthily and use your surroundings to make the hit look like an accident - or do what i do and attempt this approach before gunning everyone down as i mess it up.....still equally satisfying though.

    With regards the "instinct" that people are moaning about. This can be overcome to an extent using the disguises. As long as you're in a different "disguise" to the person checking you out then you don't need to use instinct. If you can master this element it leaves you to use instinct when you really need it - not just to walk through a load of people because it looks like the quickest route from A to B.....

    For 14.99 this really is a no-brainer....

  2.  Is it just me that doesn't believe the hype?


    Tried the demo the other day. Have to say it looked great - but it's a little slow and slightly dull.

    Dead Rising but with less zombies?

    Could be improved for launch but i don't think there's time......

  3.  Yawn.......


    Anyone who gives this "film" 5 stars must have been watching a different film. I enjoyed sixth sense and even moments of signs/village but the director has sunk to a new low. The plot is wafer thin and nothing really happens, so much so that you don't care if any of the characters meet their maker........it's just like a day trip into the countryside on a windy day - dull