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  1.  Great game, even better with friends!


    A great puzzle game for single player and multi player. This is one of the best third party games on the Wii (just like Zack & Wiki; look it up, if you haven't already).

    The aim of the game is to knock down as many gems/point blocks by throwing balls, bombs, using a hose or grabbing the blocks directly using the Wii remote (just like Jenga). The game was designed with the Wii remote in mind and it's easy to play whether you're a gamer or not. It's very easy to just clear a level with a bronze (at least at the earliest levels), but trickier to score a gold medal. There are many levels to play (300+), so you won't get bored soon. Even if you finish the single player mode, grab another remote and play with a friend. And if you have played every single level, there's a level editor and the ability to exchange levels with friends over WiiConnect24.

    Graphics and audio are decent, but the gameplay is so addictive that you won't pay attention to the blurry textures or the frame drops every now and then.

    Overall, a very fun, addictive and accessible game for everyone. It's a must buy, if you're a puzzle game fan, or have a few friends around. Anyway, you should at least try it, you might like it, even if you think you won't.

    PS. Remember to tighten your wrist strap!

  2.  You must get this game!


    An original 3rd party title well worth your money. It takes the old point and click adventure genre to a higher level, thanks to the Wii remote. Sure, the graphics are cartoony (beautiful, nevertheless) and the characters sound like they scream in Japanese (thankfully they don't talk much), but these are minor flaws. You will find new items and a new use for your Wii remote in every stage. You can't find this kind of gameplay on any other console.

    Don't let the colourful graphics fool you. This is not a kiddie game. You will see the game over screen quite a few times as you progress. It starts easy but gets tricky soon and that's the 5th stage I'm at.

    If you like puzzle/adventure games, you should definitely get this one. Too bad, it wasn't advertised at all and very few know/heard about this game. It really is a little gem amongst all the crap coming out for the Wii.