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  1.  fantastic as usual


    I wont go on about how good it is as you only need to buy the first season and you are hooked and will be racing down to the stores to get the next one. But!!!!!!!!!!!! I must recommend that you buy and watch "battlestar galactica: The resistance" first as it is a miniseries between season 2 and 3. I didnt watch this and immediately knew i missed something just from the catchup before the first episode. I wont give it away but the miniseries will linke the season together and help solve a few questions and major stuff goes down.

  2.  good


    i watched the film and liked it. the actors were chosen well and the storyline was decent. brilliant scene with the robot and with the popes office. great one liners (as already pointed out) and a simple yet funny teen movie. i admit i watched it after a few drinks so my response may be effected ;-)

  3.  Not bad


    i have to admit the best bit are the clips in between missions. the graphics are ok and the missions at the start are ok but it gets a bit repetitive and it fails to explain what you have to do. one time i spent an hour just finding out the objective and a further 20 mins to do it. it is fun because it's new at the beginning but doesnt change in the game so i got bored quickly. get it when it is cheap

  4.  funny in places


    we can all say that this isnt the greatest spoof ever made yet there were a few places that did make me laugh but at times i felt that they were trying too hard to make it funny and that every scene in the origional 300 should be made funny. this had the potential to be a great movie as it had the platform being that 300 was sooo good, but they did too much but it still had the moments that made you laugh and personally i will watch it again but it isnt as good as 300, but it never could be could it? sean maguire played his part well as did the actors playing xerses and the captain

  5.  A MUST BUY!


    this is an amazing album, probably the best one i have bought and will ever buy, they are both amazing singers and believe it or not, every song is brilliant and you don't see that normally as usually its 4 or 5 good ones and the rest are only average or bad. they are all very good and they put something into their songs that makes me want to play all the album over and over again as the songs are good all the way through and ends with chemicals react which is a great song. (they are both beautiful too, =D). i cannot recommend this album enough

  6. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08

    Playstation Portable

    6 New from  £6.99  Free delivery

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    good game to play and quite addictive but after a while it is all the same but i like to pick it up now and again and play a career or 'be a pro' online which is ok.

  7.  worth buying


    when i bought this i didnt know many of the songs on the cd but once i listened to them all, i found that they were all good. my favourites are kiss kiss, with you, damage, wall to wall, fallen angel and forever. im glad i bought it and recommend it as chris brown is a great artist and wrote 9 of the 20 songs on the cd so he is also an accomplished song writer.

  8.  will smith does it again


    the best actor to fill this role is will smith and he changes what could be an ordinary film into something brilliant. the film gives out a sense of lonliness and fear. its different and i like that as it isn't a love story or a war fim, it isn't a sport comedy or gory horror. but the thing i like about it the mst is that it sends out a clear message, it is that don't mess with nature and its process as the consequences can be terminal and devastating. the story is about some scientists alter a measels virus to creats a cure for cancer, this in turn creats a virus called a KV virus that causes a pandemic that turns humans and animals into killing creatures that are very powerful and unstoppable called 'darkseekers'. but only 1% of humans are immune meaning 1% of the human race is unaffected but can still be killed by the creatuers. i wont reveal the ending but what i will say is that there is a scene where his dog called Sam gets attacked by infected dogs while she is saving robert (smith). shes gets infected and robert has no choice but to kill her. if you are an animal lover like i am then skip the scene but apart from that it is the joint best film to come out so far this year (joint with cloverfield) the added extras with this dvd is incredibly good with a boring bit about viruses but tells you the threat they carry that is waiting to be triggered. it also has an alternate ending which is just as good as the actual chosen ending. so i would definately recommend buying the 2 disc set before they are stopped being made and sold. well worth the money

  9.  if you own ssx3, DON'T BUY IT


    this games embarrases the makers, it is a spin off to get extra money from doing virtually nothing to it, i adored ssx3 on my ps2 and found it was different and fun. yet this one i got on psp and i hated it, the game is slower, the coures are identical, the players/characters have not changed and they have even removed some of the tricks you can do. now that a newer one has come out, ssx3 will be alot cheaper so i reccomend that you save money and buy a better yet chaper games being ssx3 on ps2. if you already have ssx3 but is thinking about getting this like i was. don't get it as you are wasting your money.

  10.  well worth watching


    before i bought the film people were giving me mixed reviews, some said that it was absolutely brilliant and i must watch it but others said that it was annoying to watch and a terrible plot. nevertheless i got it anyway and was amazed by it, the effects were truly magnificent and the plot and story line was good. seeing the trailers i was waiting and anticipating the time when the monster would attack but it never came, and just when you start to forget about it bam...it starts which made it 10x better. whoever thought up the idea for the film to be shot threw a video camera was a genius as it is rarely done, however at time it was frustrating as the camera is looking one way but you want to look the other to see whats going on there. the ending isn't amazing and sort of let the whole film down but overall the story keeps you gripped and surprises you at times. definately get the one with bonus features as it explains a bit more if you do not understand certain points of the film and gives good insight on how it was made with a couple of alternates throw in. im glad i bought it