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  1.  Really Rather Good!


    Whilst not quite in the same class as Xenoblade, it still does well enough to score the top 5 stars in my opinion. Just a few general thoughts:

    - It's shortish for a RPG (around 30 hours)
    - Customisation is top notch
    - All the characters are like-able, and act in ways you can predict Obvious credit to the voice actors and writers here
    - Well balanced and a nice mix of puzzle, action, exploration and character development.
    - Although its on the Wii, its not focused solely on the "unique" Wii remote abilities i.e. swinging.

    I didn't like:

    - That the RPG "leveling" up statistics whip by in about 3 seconds. It's totally geeky but if they up a level I like to study by how many points, on occasion.
    - The game is set up by default to automatically attack. No No No! That means all you really do is keep moving around while the computer does the attacking for you. Luckily you can disable this and button mash that "A" button as much as you like. ;-)

  2.  Wonderful!


    It's September 2011 and the game is sold out practically everywhere. Nintendo had no idea how well this game would perform and as a result underestimated its demand in Europe. A combination of pleasing critics across the board and fantastic gamer reviews has created a huge surge in sales, which means it will be some weeks, perhaps even months before everyone who wants a copy of this game gets one as Nintendo hurriedly creates more copies, but is it worth the wait?

    YES. It's a brilliant game, all the reviews on here to date are correct. A true masterpiece for the Wii, and arguably the best (J)RPG from the Nintendo world of gaming for a good many years. This will never be a game that ends up regulated to the dusty back shelves of "pre-owned".

    All the games mechanics have been seriously thought about, everything flows easily, the voice acting and storyline are superb. Honestly it is very difficult to fault, so rather than go on about how awesome it all is, the bits that wont work so well for some people (in my opinion) are listed below:

    Best you don't buy this game if you are looking for any of the following:
    - Wii remote swinging and slashing action
    - A quick game you can finish over a weekend
    - A whole bucket load of blood and gore
    - Mutiplayer action

    If none of the above bothers you too much I would strongly urge you to buy a copy from PLAY now. Then wait until Xenoblade comes back into stock, knowing in the very near future an epic combination of story and game will be winging it's way to you.

  3.  It's all about Rebekah Kochan


    Myself and 4 other friends watched this, two were gay and the rest of us straight. In all fairness the main plot is focused from a gay perspective... to some this will be a reason never to watch the film, but if you have an open mind and appreciate that gay people have to watch almost all films from a straight perspective it makes for a good comedy.

    Positive Points
    - The Jokes are very crafty, quick witted and come out to play in almost every scene.
    - Its all pulled together by Rebekah Kochan. I honestly believe if she hadn't agreed to reprise her role the film would never have been made.
    - This film, unlike the other two before it, has a very clear plot.

    Negative Points
    - Some of the new lads simply can not act. Because of this you are pulled out of escapism and smacked in the face with reality on a regular basis.
    - Only two of the original cast return to this film, Rebekah Kochan and Mink Stole.

    Its worth a watch if you like a light hearted laugh, and sexual comedy humor, because thats basically what the film is all about.

  4.  The next best thing after the O.C


    Oh come on put that scowl away. Comparisons to The O.C were completely inevitable, based around a group of well off school aged individuals living it up in California its only natural.

    They are not copies however, and I believe it would be possible to like one and not the other. So what's good?

    - The acting is awesome. Seriously it's really quite brilliant. All the more important for excellent storytelling...
    - ... Great writing from the writers, Rob Thomas has worked on the foundations of this, the great who brought us Veronica Mars, this in itself should be enough to give it a shot.
    - Its very easy to get into!

    Bad bits?
    - Some of the parents stuff works WELL, some of it is over done, and feels wedged in with a giant spade. This is done obviously to mix in the old cast from the original and show what they are up to now.
    - Perhaps too many cast members and story lines can feel a bit spread out, there are many episodes when you wish there was more focus on the main storyline rather than the shared space with several other ongoing strands.

    It's very similar from week to week. You need to watch a few episodes and see what you think. If you like, buy! If you are not keen. Perhaps not.

  5.  A MUST buy if you...


    like RPG's...

    Make no mistake this is one of the very best RPG's on the Wii, but it only scores 4 because it has to naturally be compared to the prequel on the Gamecube.

    The original churned out every used to death form of story telling filled with plot lines you'd be hard pressed to find in the most wacky soap opera. But the whole thing was genius. Oh yes, without a doubt the greatest video game I've ever had the pleasure to play (Seek it out if you can because it will make sense when you play this sequel).

    Does this beat its Gamecube counterpart? In some ways yes. The graphics are much improved for the Wii, and the painstaking effort thats gone into providing voice acting for every single cut scene really adds to the storytelling element. All the original characters appear in one way or another and its wonderful to actually see how the lives of the original game characters have changed and developed, as well as introducing some new ones.

    The humor and banter between them is actually really good. With the voice acting, its a bit like watching a TV show, and across cultures (this game originating in Japan) the jokes really translate well.

    The flaws are limited but here they are;

    The battle system has changed (Like the original non turn based battles). Its better for the most part as the field is larger, but the battles are too quick, its lost the voice in your head and pounding heart moments wondering if you are going to finally beat the boss. Emil moves very fast and the action whizzes by, you have to pause the game to view the action and decide who does what, perhaps that was the idea but it works better when you can fight in real time I think.

    Its much shorter, the maps are no longer explorable which in other tales games gives you a real sense of freedom and you obviously "wasted" many hours finding the new towns and leveling up before moving on with the story. This is point and click action (One of only a few uses of the Wii remote)

    Some new voice actors. You get used it to. But its a pity.

    This game is for people who like RPG's. Its for people who like a good story that you follow and feel part of . Its for people who don't like bigotry, closed minded attitudes, and finally those who don't mind spending a bit more on a computer game. This is a quality title and I doubt the game will fall much below the 20 pound mark if at all.

  6.  What a wonderful read


    I was loaned this by my friend, and have just brought my very own copy. The best (non spoiler) bits (because Play covers the plot well enough above)

    1. Anyone can read this book. The entire premise is shaped around a more equality centric society (the future hopefully)
    2. The writing is very, smart, witty and clever. The plot flows along nicely of course, but its the fact each sentence seems to slot nicely into the next with perfect ease.

    The bad bits

    1. Its quite a short book with no sequel. But that said sometimes a stand alone is all you need. 5 stars without hesitation.

  7.  The Horror Twist Works!


    This was one of the best Kate Cann books I've read. To be fair she is trying something new with the "horror" twist, but it works very well indeed, and I hope she carries on with it.

    Some of her books feature awful whinning girls, and the whole book spends itself wallowing in her self pity. Dire reading. But this is completely different, Rayne is a strong lead and you grow to respect her quickly. Mix in the usual elements of making money and a bit of romance and you have a winner.

  8.  Wasted Potential


    So disappointing. The first half is truly epic, and amazingly well told. Like most films the main characters are rapidly heading towards something, and as the audience, you are excited to see how it ties itself up.

    Its all in the ENDING, I can't look back on this film with fondness because of the way they decide to end the film. You're watch it... then feel seriously cheated.

  9.  Read Carefully


    I've brought very few clothes from Play and found them exactly as described or look in the pictures, these shorts are no different. The back is bright red, and has "rip curl" blasted on the back, something you couldn't predict from the picture here. Not a problem in this case as it looks really nice!
    The leg is not 23" either, I measured and it comes in at 21. You can pull the cotton fabric unrealistically tight and it reaches 23", but come on!
    Finally the waist is not elasticated and you have limited adjustment, so only go for your actual waist size.

    Overall I'm pleased, and will be happily strutting my stuff in these, and for 20 pounds its excellent value for money.

  10.  The Potential little sister of Snow Patrol?


    This band has potential. I'm hoping this album supports that statement. Have been following them since I stumbled across them on E4 singing With Lights Out, and have been after their album for utter yonks, and on March 2nd it finally arrives!

    I already have fine Fine Fascination (song) and Sinking Ship, both are fantastic little gems, so very excited about the many other new songs and the bonus disc, which I'm fairly confident about as "Fine Fascination" and "Sinking Ship" are no duds.

    The tone of all their songs so far is very similar, they tend to be lively and go down well at gigs. Upbeat, "indie", and full of what music should be!