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  1.  A solid return to form.


    It's always good to see Japanese actor/director "Beat" Takeshi Kitano appear back on the big screen. Previous efforts like " Boiling Point", "Sonatine" and " Zaitoichi" and his appearance in "Battle Royale" have made Takeshi Japan's biggest export.
    Here we see the director on familiar ground in a tale of deceit, violence and dishonour amongst two rival Yakuza gangs. The steady build up (which will be familiar to Takeshi fans) make the scenes of sporadic violence have more of an impact on the viewer when they happen.
    Scenes of DIY dentistry and ear flossing via chopsticks being the most memorable acts of retribution on the agenda.
    The direction and editing are all first class as per usual and the Blu- ray transfer is crisp. My only caveat is that the sheer amount of treachery and double crossing going on can make it a bit hard to keep up with on one or two occassions but persevere until the end and all will be revealed.
    This is a good solid Japanese gangster movie and a return to form for the great man. All in all a recommended purchase for Takeshi fans and a good place to start for those unfamiliar with his work.

  2.  Straight to DVD fodder.


    I felt that Hostel was a powerful modern day horror movie as the subject matter was believable and the film had an air of menace about it amongst the gore and the unfamiliar eastern european backdrop.
    Hostel 2 was gorier but less powerful as it was hard to take it serious at times and was more camp than the original.
    Hostel 3 is in many ways just plain ridiculous. The characters really are dumb (Couldn't they tell the taxi driver was dodgy). Why is the Ukranian guy captured at the start still alive later in the movie while others are despatched instantly. Also none of the characters are that likeable so you don't care when they are killed. The Vegas setting isn't at all scary and the average looking Blu Ray transfer shows how cheap the movie is. The deaths lack little imagination and are rather tame bar the face removal scene at the start( They probally run out of budget after).The crossbow scene is laughable and the cockroach death reminds one of a forefit in " I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" . This sorry mess then ends in a unsatisfactory conclusion. If you are a true horror fan then I suggest keep your cash and give this one a wide berth.