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  1.  What will they think of next


    kinect is finally out! Just finished having my 1st go and what can i say. Ye its a bit iffy when u play for the first time but after a few goes its great and easy to master. the way it capture ur movements is great. Though i would be a bit cautous if you dont have the space. but other than that its smashing great for gettin you off the sofa and getting more involved in the game, keeps you on your toes. if your not the type to go gym to get a bit fitter then this is great for that little work out. Great for giving kids that little exercise. Voice activation is amazing if you cant be bothered to wave your arms on the dashboard just start saying the phases, Xbox............ smashing. All we need now is a few top rated games to work along side this nifty little gadget, and we have winner.
    Move over nintendo wii, theres a new cat on the block!

  2.  Great for F1 fans (but u need to know this)


    Great game. Graphics on cars and that are great sounds are there etc. yes a few bugs not enough to annoy i say. sum people say damage is not great enough & game is to easy. on the main menu go on settings change tyre simulation on,damages full, fuel simulation on, tracton abs etc off. tis a challenge den
    !!!! PLEASE READ !!!!
    Further more i have had problems like coruupt data message, when i tried to load my career. i rang codemasters they said they are workin on it. To make sure this does not happen to you make sure if you have practice sessions with R&D objectives that you go all through from practice 1 to qualifing without returning to the menu or turing off the console off. Otherwise you will have problems when you try to load the game. and will have to start the career from the very start.

  3.  Brilliant!


    Sweet! great buy but could of come with a HDMI cable insted of standard lead. A must buy!!!

  4.  GET IT !


    If u liked cod 4 den get dis. Wide rang of guns, more custom slots to get geared up. The maps are more detailed with real sly hiding spots. An amazin game. A must to cod fans.



    Its about time they bought out a realistic first person shooter. Call of duty 4 has set the bench mark, with these graphics and game play. Gaming has now turned a corner. It can only get better