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  1.  Terrible Phone


    I bought this phone when it first came out and paid around 300 for it. The camera was the main reason I bought the phone and although this was brilliant during daylight conditions the flash on it was terrible. It used a double flash, once to focus and then once to take the actual picture. By the time it came to take the actual picture however the people in the photo had already been blinded by the original flash and the image 90% of the time came out blurry.

    Next is the touchscreen. My current phone is an iPhone4 and the touchscreens dont even compare. Trying to text on the Pixon is a complete joke compared to the iphone.

    In terms of looks I think its a very nice phone, feels good when you hold it and make calls however what good is a phone that doesnt work?

    After about 8 months of having the phone the touchscreen started to stop working at random times and would then work again. I would like to point out I take lots of care of my possessions and did not treat the phone in any bad way. After searching on several forums I discovered that the phone has a dodgey connection in the top right of the screen that connects the screen to the components of the phone. By pressing this down very hard the phone would then work. However after about 2 months it got to a stage where I had to do this every time I wanted to use the phone until it finally broke.

    Would stay very much away from this phone if you are considering buying it!!!

  2.  What you expect!!


    This film is exactly what you expect to get. I bought it for my father for fathers day and when we sat down to watch it we were not dissapointed. There are some very funny bits in the film. If you liked Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead then you will like this film for sure.

    The voice over of "Paul" done by Seth Rogen was the highlight of the whole film for me. Some of the lines are simply classic. A great idea for the film and executed extremely well!!

  3. NBA 2K11

    NBA 2K11


    4 New from  £12.68  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.98

     Hardest game EVER to get used to!!


    I want to start out by saying that I am a regular gamer. I consider myself to be a heavy gamer and have been for the past 10 years. When I get a new game it takes me hardly any time to pick it up and become very good at it. However NBA2k11 is the first basketball game I have ever played and it is stupidly hard.

    The game itself however is amazing, the graphics and presentation are sensational as well as the realistic nature of the gameplay.

    However there are many dissapointments - the first being the my player mode. I have spent well over 50 hours on this mode and it does not feel rewarding what so ever. The second is the amount of controls you have to learn to pull of good plays. If you have played previous NBA games this obviously will not be a problem to you however for people looking to come into the series you really do need to give the game lots of time before giving up on it.

    The price offered by Play.com is great value for a great game, just be warned that it can be very frustrating to start with!!

  4.  Does exactly what it says!!


    I recently purchased the Navigation controller to play Resident Evil 5, I have not tried the controller with any other game so my review is soley based on the experience from that, and it is a very pleasant one.

    The controller does everything you need, it fits in your hand nicely and all the buttons are easy to reach and use. It has two buttons on the back L1 and a trigger for L2. It also has the full d-pad and the x and o button. All the buttons are easy to use during gameplay and feel very natural.

    The controller fits into the docking station much like the other move controllers, but seems to use alot less battery life as I have only charged it fully once.

    It made the whole experience of playing Resident Evil alot better and for 17 pound it is a very good price. Although the controller is very small and may seem expensive it changes the gaming experience and will definately be used again on games such as Killzone 3 and Virtua Tennis 4. If you have a Playstation Move then this is essential.

  5.  Great Value


    This is a brilliant USB memory stick, there is no point in buying a "high end" memory stick as they are all the same as the only difference between them is the memory and therefore the amount of information they can hold. This 8GB memory stick from Play.com is excellent value and does everything perfectly.

    It had no trouble working on Vista and the "ready boost speed" function (to increase RAM) also worked perfectly fine. However the memory stick is very small and I have already lost one myself but it did not stop me from purchasing another one straight away. There are also a few questions about the strength of the memory stick but treat it carefully and it is great value and a must buy.