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  1.  A very slick racer!


    I've had this game now for about 1 year, and I'm still addicted to it! As a kart racer, I'm a big fan of racing games. And I have to say, even compared to Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, I rate this game highest of them all. It is so smooth, and so fast! It's pretty easy to build up your race team, and once you've done so all your cars are available for online racing - which is unbeatable! The way the racing cars work and feel to drive is pretty realistic I'd say (although I've never raced a racing car I can't confirm that!). As it's now on Platinum, at this price - it'll be worth it! If you're a fan of racing games you'll surely not be disappointed, even compared to GT5!

  2.  No. 1 Dream Theater album


    I own quite a few of DT's albums - and Train Of Thought is the one I like the most. Dream Theater's style of 'advanced showing-off', as I like to call it, is present in this album but unlike a lot of music that is technically brilliant, this is an album that you can easily relate to and get really into. It's hard to explain, but Train Of Thought is almost hypnotic - you never get bored of it.

    If you are new to Dream Theater, this album will well and truly make you a big fan.

    And if you're already a fan and don't have this album - for this price you really shouldn't think twice!

    I listen to a lot of music of various genres, and I'd say that this is one of my top 3 best albums of all time!

  3.  Proper Trivium


    Firstly, I'm not comparing Trivium to other bands because I think its stupid to compare them and say that one is better than the other etc.
    Trivium have their own very distinctive style and I love it. This album is their best album yet, the songs are very intense and its the sort of stuff you want to listen to over and over again. The music has loads of catchy riffs etc and the vocals have much more depth this time round - lots of melodic and rhythmic stuff and lots of screamy stuff mixed together and it works really well. If you like trivium buy this because I think its their best album by a mile, and if you aren't sure about them - at this price at least give them a shot!

  4.  Superb game...


    ...I actually bought a PS3 so that I could play this game. I think that the gameplay is brilliant, and the cutscenes are also top quality. However, I will warn you that if you haven't played any of the previous installments (i.e. Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid etc) then a lot of the game you won't really understand. My advice would be to buy all 4 of the Playstation format gmaes, from Metal Gear Solid through to this one and play them all in order because then you will understand everything and Guns Of The Patriots will become much more enjoyable! But if you're not a fan of story lines in games etc, I recommend you buy this anyway because it is a fantastic game in itself...
    Hope this helps...

  5.  Brilliant...


    ...firstly, I'm not going to start comparing it to the Xbox 360 because I don't have one. Although some of my friends who do have one say that the PS3 is still very very good and are considering switching over.

    Aesthetically, the PS3 looks sleek and glossy, it is quite big though.

    The PS3 is very easy to set up. From the unboxing of the console to the playing games online, this took me roughly 10 minutes. I also use the wireless internet and it is very easy to use and works smoothly with no glitches or anything. Also, the internet use and Playstation network is totally free, so chatting to mates online, or playing games online is free. Unless you want to download PSP games from the network, this isn't free but is very cheap.

    The interface is very nice, the menus are easy to navigate through and you can change the themes and wallpapers easily.

    The 80GB hard drive is very big as it is, however an external hard drive can be used easily - through the 2 USB ports provided. The 60GB version has 4 USB slots, but I've needed more than 2 at a time.

    The Remote Play function (connecting a PSP with the PS3) works very well, as long as you have a wireless connection, you can access your PS3's HDD from anywhere in the world via the internet - which is COOL. You need to keep the PS3 connected to Remote Play too though.

    I also recently imported a CD into the PS3. The 17 track album took no longer than 5 minutes to import, which was nice.

    The Blu-Ray player built in works superbly well, and can also be updated electronically. Through an HDTV, is looks stunning.

    I use an s-video connection through my TV and the graphics from the PS3 look amazing, even though its not officially an HDTV. If you have a normal TV, use an s-video connection because its much better than the RGB connection which is provided. S-video illuminates colour much more and sharpens up the image to look (very close) to high definition.

    The controllers are really comfortable to use and they are very light, can be charged easily and work wirelessly.

    Overall, definately 10/10 would massively recommend you buy one. Hope this helps...

  6.  5 Stars


    This is a really comfortable and warm hoodie, and although the picture isn't very attracting - it actually looks really cool too. The camo is really nice. comes right up to your neck as well which makes it really comfortable to wear. Only one small flaw...the pockets are quite small! Really great hoodie though

  7.  this is quality


    To all those reading this who aren't sure whether to buy this album or not, you should know that it sounds amazing, it has that very distinctive alter bridge sound which we love, the composition of the songs is amazing, to be honest there's nothing really wrong with it! All the songs are unique in themselves and tell different stories, the title song 'blackbird' is a whopping 8 minute masterpiece, and there are a mix of hard rock tracks to the more acoustic-style lights.

  8.  So small, yet soooo good


    This ipod is one of the very best ipods from Apple, its small (6cm tall), incredibly thin but strong (6mm thin), it play very sharp video clips, the photos look really good on it, the new cover-flow feature works really nicely, and theres a few other new features on it - all of which work very well (such as the split screen menu's). I wasn't sure how well the screen would work on such a small ipod, but it is fantastic! Its only marginally smaller than the classic ipods screen, its really nice and bright, and it hasn't broken! And its 8GB, which is an amazing amount of space in this small a device.

  9.  amazing album


    This is proper metal at its best, the songs are thrashy yet quite melodic, the guitars sound incredible, the vocals are nothing short of throat ripping and the drums sound and feel heavy - if you have the bass turned up a bit! The overall sound is more similar to 'shadows are security', however the style of songwriting is probably more like 'frail words collapse', but it is still unique and if you're a fan of as i lay dying you'll buy this anyway, but if you're not you should still give it a shot - if you're into fast thrashy metal music!

  10.  pointless fun


    walking round as an alien randomly destroying stuff with your guns or your space-ship has never been so good. That's pretty much the whole point of the game - hence the title - but there are also missions and other things to do to get upgrades etc - to destroy even more stuff with even more power!!!!