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  1.  The best expansion yet...


    I am a big sims fan and have all the sims 2 expansions! i have to say this is the best of them all (not counting bon voyage as its not out yet) and if you have the sims 2 and want an expansion get this!

  2.  A good game but where to catch that albino river trout!!!


    I bought this game as i am a fan of harvest moon and i knew this was a related game! The game has wonderful graphics with many activities to do and tasks! however...Upon stumbling across a man on a bridge who asked me for an albino river trout i was stumped! my friends and i searched for days...researching the internet and everything but still no luck! i had to give up on this game but i hope one day to be able to find it because it was a brillient game!

  3.  A great addition to a fantastic series


    When i was 11 years old a friend who i had just made at school was invited round to my house to sleep. With her was a bag full of playstation games and in that bag was a dusty old ps1 game which she claimed to be excellent. The game was called harvest moon : back to nature; and so began my love of harvest moon!

    When harvest moon ds came out i was very excited, i bought it and played it strait away! Having played most of the previous games i thought i would find it easy, however it was quite challenging at first! I soon found a website which was perfect and told you everything! (search ushi no tane x6)

    I am once again addicted to harvest moon and i would reccomend this game to any one old or young! The new charactors make it fun for old time harvest mooners and its a refreshing new type of game for anyone else! Well worth the money and the time!

  4.  A film that you want stop singing to!


    I love this film... i cant desribe it. not only is the storyline great and moving the music and the dancing is even better. After watching it at the cinema i immediately bought the soundtrack and i havnt stopped singing and/or listening since!

    A great film and i would reccomend all go see it and i myself will buy it.