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  1.  The Best Grime Album Ever


    Too Good best grime album ever his flow his beats his bars are just too much. Get It and see for yourself its money well spent

  2.  So Thats Why He's Called The Genius


    This album is probabley the best album you have ever heard if you havent listened to the wu tang clans past work you dont have to just listen to this album and you are all set because this is probablry the only wu tang album you will need. The lyrics, beats and the production of this album is top notch some of the most spiritual rap you will hear. This type of album is like the keys of life of rap, you will need to hear the album its just so good. You will think of an album that over time still holds up and this album is definitely it. Buy It !

  3.  Dizzee's Best Album


    The first time i listened to this album i was a bit annoyed at the songs the way the beats go on on and on repeatedly but the lyrics is really where the strong point is. But the more you listen to this album the more you will love it. I got this cd on release day and stuck it in and this album is fantastic lyrically dizzee rascal does a really good job putting in funny, understanding, and believable lyrics. He is definitley one of the most succesful grime artists out there. I reccomend you buy it only if your a fan.

  4.  Suprisingly Amazing


    I heard chipmunks tune who are you ? quite a while ago an from there he had been my main man and now his new album is here and its all great probabley the best of 2009. I never thought this album would reach its expectations because of chipmunk being more ofa pop singer now days but this album has a mix of both which is brilliant for me because i like his grime and his pop songs. The best thing about this album is that i can stick it in my cd player and dont have to change a single song on the whole album which is a great thing. If you are thinking of buying this album and not sure to get it or not Get it !! It is most probablry the best album of 2009 in my oppinion so get it you wont be dissapointed.

  5.  Great But Could Be Better


    Dizzee rascal overall on this album has achieved his goal with his main hits on it Bonkers, Dance With Me ,Holiday as i say these three songs they are most probabley the most strong tracks on the album the other tracks are not up to there full potential when i say others i mean Road Roage , Chillin Wiv Da Man Dem, Bad Behaviour and other tracks are mostly lazy to tell the truth the main rhymes in these songs are lazy, off the top of your head and just not cuttin it for dizzee frankly. With that said there are still some strong tracks i suppose like Dirtee Cash, Money Money , and Leisure are still great songs but this album could of been a lot better production wise other than that this album is worth getting if you are a dizzee fan and a fan of his chart music.

  6.  Omg Amazing


    Banging album top to bottom one of the best albums you can buy theres really not much else to say just Buy It !!!

  7.  Fantastic Uk Artist


    Ever since i have heard akala's mixtape he has always been my favourite U.K artist. And now his first album i still think there's no one better than him. Track wise this album has some great tracks like shakespeare and Hold your head up. I would recommend this album to the maximum if you have listened to akala's last mixtape and if you are in the mood for something new because this is brilliant

  8.  Brilliant


    This album was the first wiley album i listened to an i am really impressed with this album. The thing that makes me listen to wiley is the way he spits really quick but you can still understand what he is sayin an that is the one thing that has to be pulled of brilliantly with this album because most of the songs are really quick and yes he does a great job. Track wise this album is great one or two tracks that could of been better but hopefully he wil learn by his mistakes. This album is really great worth buying if you have never listened to him before but dont think this album will be really top because it isnt but it isn't far off but still worth buying.

  9.  Chipmunk Is A Genius


    Chipmunk is on of those grime artists where you listen to him an then think 17 year old genius you will have that thought in your mind for a long time after you have listened to this. He is a great grime artist an is really gonna end up takin over the grime scene quicker than you will imagine even though his age has really put people off listening to him put he is in no position that any other grime artist is in now he is hyped about everywere and all over the t.v and radio. I reccomend you give chipmunk a try mostly though for a younger audience i'm 13 And really like chipmunk he's on of my favourite grime artists but i just think that chipmunk's music for a younger audience. So if you are a fan of chipmunks last mixtapes i think you should buy this its great.

  10.  Snoop Doggy Dogg's Best


    This has to be one of the best rap albums i ever bought if not the best. The songs have all the elements for the album to be a success to name a few for example the rhymes are the funniest cleverist and the best for snoop dogg. Rap is not the same no more, when u listen to modern day rap songs then listen to these type of rap songs these are most probabley better. This album is really amazing a true classic album i do not have 1 favourite song on this album the reason for that because every single song are brilliant. If you had to listen to one old school rap album at its best i would most probabley pick this one it is that good. You are left after you have listened to the songs humming the beats and you dont realise you are humming the beats its just natural for this kind of album because the beats are the star of the album for me. I reccomend this album to the fullest go out there and buy this.