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  1.  Top notch console, top notch price.


    Everything is top notch about this.

    Top notch Blu-Ray playback
    Top notch gaming
    Top notice online play (and free, no recurring subs like other consoles)
    Top Notch features
    Top Notch build quality.

    Oh and it comes with a game and a movie. You really can't go wrong...

  2.  Truly Awesome - Best Tablet On The Market Right Now.


    After using one of these, you won't be bothering with tablet-only devices like the iPad2 or the GalaxyTab. The dual tablet and netbook nature of the Asus Transformer is unique and works VERY well indeed.

    There are loads of expansion ports (MicroSD in the tablet, full SD in the dock, USB ports in the dock, MiniHDMI out and more).

    It's really hard to fault this, it already has Android 3.1, and Android 3.2 is due any day now, Asus are very prompt getting the Android updates out.

    The bundled office suite (Polaris Office) is very good, and of course you can use Google Docs, and there is a pretty reasonable selection of Android tablet-specific apps, plus you can use almost all the 300,000 standard Android smartphone apps too.

    Easily a 5 star product.

  3.  Immense


    A game of total perfection. Any petrolhead NEEDS to own this. 5 years in the making and worth the wait.

  4.  Essential


    This really is good. It makes the WiiMote look rubbish by comparison,. The intial games are really good, I love Echochrome II, Sports Champions and the Jenga game.

    If you have a PS3, you need one of these (or the pack that included the camera), if you don't have a PS3, then you need to get one. This is where the party starts! Your HDTV will love you for it.

  5.  Very good price for a very good bundle.


    Some great movies/games, and a stunning price. Unbelivable value from play.com. You really can't go wrong with this, or their other package deal.

  6.  Fantastic Live Album


    Great sound and mastering. How can you fault a setlist like that. It's well worth buying the Deluxe Edition, as there are some tracks missing from the standard disc.

    Worth every penny.

  7.  You would have to be mad not to buy it!!


    (unless you have already played it on PC).

    Anyway, this is a fantastic game, I played the PS3 version, and it's great, a absolute steal for £11.99.

    There are many many hours of gameplay in this.

  8.  Awesome deal.


    Not only 2 VERY good games, a bargain price, Blu-ray, the confirmed future of HD movies, and all the other tricks the PS3 does.

    The PS3 lineup of exclusive titles this year is stunning.

    How can any home be without out one?

  9.  Great game. Better on PS3.


    I have both a 360 and a PS3, and this game is definately better on the PS3. It's graphically superior, and the SixAxis support works very well.

    It's good on 360, but GREAT on PS3.

  10.  Great show, looks and sounds fantastic in HD


    Went to this show, as I did all other Donningtons 88 onwards, and watching this in HD on a big tv in your living room is as close as you will ever be to recreating this show again.

    Simply stunning, and a nice price here on Play.com.