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  1.  Great laptop


    Very fast, quiet, great, large FullHD 1080p 17in screen, HDMI port, optical out,

    Vista Performance Rating:

    Processor: 4.9
    Memory: 4.8
    Graphics (Aero) 5.9
    Graphics (Gaming) 5.3
    Harddisk 4.7

    Overall: 4.7

    As you can see, this is a true desktop replacment, with great Vista performance.

    The things I dislike:

    The keyboard, which does not feel as nice as my previous Vaio

    The unit feels a bit "plasticy"

    Worst of all, the horrendous amount of garbage software loaded. It took me a whole evening to clean out all the trial software and useless rubbish. Of course you DONT get a Visa installation disc to install from clean, and are forced to make backup DVD's which include all the rubbish software.

    All in all, the hardware is great, the software bundle again is driven by Sony's corporate tie-ins, rather than what people want.

  2.  Excellent..


    Missus persuaded me to buy this, and I don't regret it at all. We had great fun last night with this. There are plenty of modes to sing (Solo, Duet, Battle and others). The selection of included tracks (all HiDef), is good, with a wide age range of songs, new stuff, pop/indie/rock/oldie

    The Singstore is very neat, 99p is a tad expensive, and something I think Sony do need to look at, all the SingStore content I bought was also non-HD (again, somehting else to improve on).

    The MySpace style online profiles, is VERY good, you can upload videos of your performances, view other peoples, rate them, there are music quizes and polls and a stack of other online content.

    Despite the couple of niggles I have over the lack of HD content, and the 99p per-track pricetag, I am still giving this a 5* rating, as for entertainment value, it simply can't be beaten on any system.

  3.  Simply Stunning


    Great footage, great sound, the Live-Aid stuff is standard def, but still worthy of inclusion.

    If you are a Queen fan, this is an essential purchase.

  4.  Great cable, fantastic price.


    Paying any more for a cable is pure nonsense. This is a great cable, great build quality, and fantastic performance.

    What more could you want?

  5.  Wow, feature packed, and great value.


    This really is the only console choice, it's everything you could want, it's quiet, reliable, stylish and feature packed.

    It's a bargain price also.

    If you however want to play PS2 games or listen to SACD, get the higher end model (currently the 60GB). If not get this, as you can use any old USB card reader, and fit any 2.5in SATA drive of your choice, to increase the HDD capacity (without affecting your warranty, the handbook even shows how).

    The 40GB is an awesome bargain, but as said, only if PS2 gaming or SACD support is not a requirement.

  6.  Simply Suberb!!


    If your an AC/DC fan, you MUST own this. I fact, anyone who appreciates rock must own this, it's so good.

    Whilst the quality of some of the older clips is variable (couple of frankly bootleg quality), particularly on the 1st disc, the performances more than make up for this, and are simpy awe inspiring.

    All I can say, is BUY THIS..

  7.  If there was ever a reason to own a PS3, this is it..


    Seriously, more fun than anything the Wii can muster, graphically better than anything the 360 can handle.

    If you 'aint already got a PS3 and Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction, what are you waiting for?

  8.  Must have.


    The console of this generation, that's a must have. It's quiet, looks sexy, there are some great games out now (Resistance, Motorstorm, SuperStardustHD, Oblivion, F.E.A.R, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden Sigma), and some fantastic PS3 exclusive games coming before Xmas. (Drakes Fortune, Ratchet And Clank Tools Of Destruction, Warhawk Unreal Tournment 3), next year you have Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and the next Final Fantasy.

    The Blu-Ray movie playback is outstanding, as is the quality of DVD upscaling. Even if you use this as a movie player, and never touch a game, it's an outstanding purchase.

    I like the media streaming capabilities, I can listen to music and view movies and music from my PC.

    It also boots Linux, and cane be used for PC type stuff. (DivX playback anyone?)

  9.  Awesome


    I havn't seen a cable of this quality, and anywhere near this price. Play.com must have gone mad!!!

    Don't be fooled by more expensive cables, these are the mutt's nuts..

  10.  Great PS3 Title


    Just got this, and very impressed, looks and plays better than the 360 version, which I played on a mates system a couple of weeks back.