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  1.  Magazine Heaven


    i got a pair of these with my PS3 magazine, and i can tel you right now, these help so much during gameplay, and for a few quid it doesnt hurt the wallet so much either!

  2.  Dont Belive The Hype..


    i was espectig alot more from free radical, they are a very good company, this is a good game, but it could have been so much better, i wouldnt recomend specing £40 on this, the gpahics are ok, but not good enuff to compete with some games on the market, 3/5

  3.  Not worth buying


    to be honest, i had high expectations for this game, but it is lacking in many thing, grahics, controls and overall gameplay, i wouldnt recomend this game to you, but if you do purchance it, then try to really get into it or this game will sit on your shelf collecting dust

  4. Skate



    4 New from  £14.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £17.98

     Amazing, Inuvative Controls Aswell!


    This is not your average tony hawks button bashing game, oh no... this is very different, you have to use the analoug sticks to olley, to olley you have to push the stick downwards and then straight back up, and obiously it gets better from then on, the graphics, the sounds, its all so much better then even the latest tony hawks game, if you like tony hawks games or skating in geneal a deffinate buy!

  5.  Great Game, Great Man...


    It is unfortunate that Colin has passed away, but this game will show his amazing racing style and hopefully this will be one of the best sellers on PS3! it is an Amzing game, and if you like racing then you will love this!

  6.  This Is A Great Game....


    If you Love age of empires then youll love this game too! this is a great stategy game, and these prices for this game is amazing, so if you like startegy games this is a must buy! GREAT BUY!

  7.  A Classic Reborn


    This is a great remake, i cant say much, all other reviews have covered it but over a massively great game and a must buy!!! GREAT BUY!

  8.  Great Poster


    this is a good looking, good sized poster, and if your looking for a good price, this is the place to be. GREAT BUY!

  9.  HOT FUZZ!


    th film is a great addition to any action/comedy film collection, it has alot of good funny action, a bit gorey in parts, but overall a great buy for anyone who likes a laugh, GREAT BUY!

  10.  Great Film


    I went to see it in the cinema when it was out, then when i saw it came out for blu-ray i had to have it, its a great quality film, great actors and great SFX! GREAT BUY!!