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  1.  This disc is abysmal. Gives Blu ray and even DVD a bad name!


    Please pay attention to the fact that Play.com list this as Widescreen 2.40:1 ; Widescreen 1.78:1. This is not a different aspect ratio for the film and extras, this is the fact that the film is presented in different aspect ratios!

    I don't know if this is unique to the Blu Ray or whether it affects the DVD as well. Also I have no idea how they showed this in the cinema. The only other film I have seen that had changing aspect ratios was Crocodile Hunter, where different complete scenes where shot in different aspect ratios. The Dark Knight had single scenes filmed in different aspects throughout!!

    I found this very off putting and it wasted the whole film, which I'm certain would have been enjoyable if it had stuck to one or the other.

    The 2.4:1 ratio seemed fine. It didn't look like 1.78 that had been cropped, it was all well framed. The 1.78 sections looked fine as well. I doubt they could have been cropped to 2.4:1 which makes me wonder how they showed this in the cinema. In fact the 1.78:1 sections looked as if someone had zoomed in on a 2.4:1 section, so I was left feeling my sides had been cut off!!

    With the material I viewed I doubt they could have cropped the 1.78:1 scenes to 2.4:1 without cutting out heads etc. I think it may have been best to present the whole film in a 1.78:1 ratio.

    Anyway I have not doubt the 1.78:1 scenes looked nice in an IMAX theatre but on a 50" Full HD TV the switch between the aspects was just distracting.

    I'm not a purist that thinks everything has to be shown in the original aspect ratio (although it does help) but to swtich between aspects for any reason other than artistic is a big mistake and for that reason alone I would rate this disc as zero.

    If you want to know how good the acting, story and extras are then please read other reviews. But the main presentation of this film is abysmal.