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  1.  Five Kings - One Throne


    As a huge fan of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and the HBO Series 'Game of Thrones' I have a lot of merchandise, including the official poster from the first season depicting Ned Stark sitting upon the Iron Throne. It looks great on the wall framed - so, I was obviously anticipating the second season poster. Of course I really liked the new poster - it says a lot about the season. A hand to whom you do not know belongs to (could it be Joffrey, Robb, Stannis, Renly, or Balon), and the silhoutte's of soldiers in battle in the crown - but the one thing I was disappointed about was the tagline: War is Coming.

    Thankfully, the poster being released is the revised poster which has the tagline: Five Kings - One Throne.

    The show is epic and has been excellent to watch for a fan of the books - and this poster is absolute gold!

  2.  Part 1 of A Dance with Dragons


    This is the paperback release of 'A Dance with Dragons' - and has been split into two separate books for two reasons: 1 - Length. The book is huge, so it has been broken into two books like A Storm of Swords was. 2 - A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons both take place at the same time (for the most part). Once it reaches the chapter 'The Turncoat', the books have synced up. So, the split also marks the point where the two books meet - basically, Part 1 entirely happens at the same time as A Feast for Crows, whilst Part 2 is what happens next.

  3.  Not as good as the original...but better than Scream 3


    Having now watched Scream 4, I can honestly say it took me by surprise. I had this distinct feeling that I was gonna hate the film, and I never knew why. But, I didn't hate the film...I loved it. Scream 3 was so poor, I kind of felt that that was it, but it's clear that there is still some talent left in Wes Craven, whose latest films have been terrible.

    Scream 4 is not the best...the credit for that goes to the first two films...but it is so much better than Scream 3, and I am happy about that. I can't wait for the Blu-Ray, and I hope it's extended, because a lot of scenes from the trailer weren't included.

    Overall, it was a great film...and, I'm now left wondering whether or not a fifth instalment will closely follow (if it's truly following these new rules, then, like Scream 2 following the first film, it should be next year).

  4.  Freakishly Fun


    The first film is awesome. It's so brilliantly written, and funny.

    The second film is awesome. It's so brilliantly written, and funny.

    The third film SUCKS. it's so terrible written, and un-funny.

    Scream 4 looks great, and much better than Scream 3. I cannot wait for this release, just to give Scream, and Scream 2 again. I would've passed on Scream 3, and just bought the separate releases. But, it'd look dumb on my shelf: Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4. So, I might as well get the trilogy.


  5.  The best show on Television!


    After Lost ended, I was worried that nothing would be able to live up to it. Supernatural is great, but not as much as Lost. Even though Fringe is also not as good as Lost, it is the closest thing.

    The first two seasons are amazing, but the third season is the best. It is so good, and so unpredictable too. With only four episodes left, this season is drawing to an epic conclusion, with the fourth season on it's way :D

  6.  Cannot Wait!


    A lot of people have expressed disappointment in this release due to the films being split over two discs each. I understand where they're coming from. I myself complained about this first, until I then realised that it's a good idea.

    Yes, Blu-Ray holds a lot of memory, but with each film having two-discs, it gives even more space to make the quality even more impressive. After the Theatrical Blu-Ray release received such negative response, I believe the studio is making sure that doesn't happen again, and I agree with them.

    The films: I think The Fellowship of the Ring is the best of the three, followed by The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Not to say that the other two aren't bad -- they're not! They're incredible.

    The trilogy is fantastic, and I cannot wait for this release. I previously owned the Extended Editions on DVD, and they were so much better than the Theatrical Films!

  7.  Unmissable!


    I had previously read "The Walking Dead: Book One" before seeing the first season, and was highly anticipating the show. I can honestly say it was just as good as I expected it to be. Slightly different, but not much.

    I cannot wait for the second season. It was just the show I needed. :D

  8.  Incredible film!


    First things first, I am not a fan of "Dancing" films. But this is dynamic.

    Darren Aronofsky is one of my favourite filmmakers working today, 'The Fountain' is my favourite film of all time. So I was always going to go see this film, but having seen the trailers I HAD to see the film.

    Natalie Portman is breathtaking in the film. Her performance is stunning, and she is very beautiful. It's not often that you get a brilliant good-looking actress like Portman, but here we have one.

    The film is a great Psychological Thriller :)

  9.  Very impressive filmmaking


    I've seen some mixed reviews here, but I do believe 'Monsters' is a film for a required taste. A lot of people expected action, or at least to see the aliens more than what we did.

    I had followed this film since I heard about it at Cannes Film Festival, and knew about it's making, and the story behind it's director. And found it to be very compelling for an aspiring filmmaker.

    When I finally saw the film it was just as good as I wanted. And very fulfilling.

    Not to mention the film was set in Central America, a place which I love dearly.

    So, as I said, the film is for a required taste, but if you enjoy Science-Fiction Character Driven Dramas.

  10.  Still just as good!


    About seven years ago I became a huge fan of 'Scarface'. A friend of mine had it on VHS, and upon my first viewing of the film, I was so impressed that I rushed right out to get it for myself. Years later, a Limited Edition DVD was released, and me and that same friend went out on release day to purchase it.

    That DVD was watched a hell of a lot, and it was lent around quite a bit too, to the point that the cardboard sleeve got a bit ruined, and the disc became scratched. So, again, I re-purchased the film.

    I slowly started buying tons of Scarface merchandise, including Tony Montana figures, and a Limited Edition Cadillac Model from Scarface.

    But in recent years, my interest in Scarface has dropped. Now, the film is still just as good as it has always been. I saw the film again a few weeks ago and continued to love it just as I used too, but there has been a problem with the film lately.

    People have responded to the film in the wrong way; all these so-called "gangsters" these, street-thugs who have seen the film one too many times, and believe that the moral behind the film was to be as violent, and drug-induced as possible.

    That is NOT the moral of the film.

    But they have stomped upon my love for this film. So, I've decided to leave off watching the film, and ignore these people, so that upon watchign Scarface again, on Blu-Ray, and getting this Collectors Edition Cigar Box, I will enjoy it as I once did.

    (P.S. I decided not to stereotypically throw in all the famous quotes from the film in this review, because frankly...it's been done to death)