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  1.  WOW!


    1. Queen Of Hip-Pop. (Nao'myt/TIGER)
    This is a very good track. Not as dancy as "WANT ME, WANT ME" or "WoWa". But very good.
    2. WANT ME, WANT ME (michico/SUGI-V)
    If you watch America's Next Top Model you'll know the sitar sample. Very danceable.
    3. WoWa (Nao'myt)
    "WoWa" (Pronounced ooh-wah) is my 2nd favourite non-single on the album. The marching beat and the catchy chorus really hooks you.
    4. I Wanna Show You My Love (T. Kura/michico)
    This is a song that American R&B singers would kill for. Brilliant lyrics, beat, instruments. Namie sounds sexy too!
    5. GIRL TALK (T. Kura/michico)
    Strings at the beginning proclaim it's a ballad. "GIRL TALK", a ballad? NO! It is a hi-nrg R&B dance track.
    6. Free (Namie Amuro/Nao'myt)
    This is one of 3 songs Namie has wrote throughout her whole career! She tells you that you are free (And believe her. She wrote the lyrics herself)
    7. My Darling (T. Kura/michico)
    Erm...This made me confused.com! It is a rock song with a hip-pop beat? Erm...
    8. Ups & Downs (Nao'myt)
    Nao'myt should NOT have chosen to be on this song. Namie doesn't sound too special either.
    9. I Love You (Christopher Stewart/Thabiso Nkhereanye/Traci Hale/Shoko Fujibayshi)
    This is produced by one of the biggest names in America. It is a nice pop-r&b song.
    10. ALL FOR YOU (Natsumi Watanabe/Ryoki Matsumoto)
    What a wierd transaction. This is a ballad, and Namie sounds very strong on it.
    11. ALARM (Monk/Jsume)
    Sharp bass intro and it is a really good dance track.
    12. No (Nao'myt)
    This is my favourite. She starts by saying "this is not fake" and it leads into a pure hip-pop track.
    13. No pt. 2 (Nao'myt)
    This is a hidden track at the end of "No" and I don't like it. It has dripping water sound effects and I just don't like it.

    This is a very good album and leaves you saying 1 thing, well done Namie!

  2.  Brilliant.


    Velvet Rope. 9/10
    You. 10/10
    Got 'til It's Gone. 10/10
    My Need. 10/10
    Go Deep. 10/10
    Free Xone. 9/10
    Together Again. 10/10
    Empty. 9/10
    What About. 10/10
    Every Time. 10/10
    Tonight's the Night. 8/10
    I Get Lonely. 10/10
    Rope Burn. 10/10
    Anything. 8/10
    Special/Can't Be Stopped. 9/10


  3. X


    Kylie Minogue - CD

    21 New from  £2.08  Free delivery

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    1. 2 Hearts. 8/10
    2. Like a Drug. 10/10
    3. In My Arms. 10/10
    4. Speakerphone. 10/10
    5. Sensitized. 10/10
    6. Heart Beat Rock. 8/10
    7. The One. 10/10
    8. No More Rain. 9/10
    9. All I See. 9/10
    10. Stars. 8/10
    11. Wow. 10/10
    12. Nu-Di-Ty. 10/10
    13. Cosmic. 7/10
    14. Rippin' Up the Disco. 8/10
    15. Magnetic Eletric. 10/10

    OVERALL GRADE: 10/10
    This album is obviously Kylie's best, but is really modern. Think "Light Years" modernized!

  4. Robyn


    Robyn - CD

    2 New from  £5.17  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.23



    1. Curriculum Vitae. 5/10
    2. Konichiwa Bitches. 10/10
    3. Cobrastyle. 8/10
    4. Handle Me. 10/10
    5. Bum Like You. 8/10
    6. Be Mine! 10/10
    7. With Every Heartbeat. 10/10
    8. Who's That Girl. 10/10
    9. Bionic Woman. 2/10
    10. Crash and Burn Girl. 8/10
    11. Robotboy. 8/10
    12. Eclipse. 10/10
    13. Should Have Known. 9/10
    14. Any Time You Like. 7/10

    An amazing... 10/10!