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  1. Demigod


    PC Games

    4 New from  £15.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.81

     A fresh new game


    Demigod, in my opinion, is bast on a similar aspect to that of DotA (the custom game-mode of Warcraft III). However becuase this game is new, it means that the devepors have had time to see what parts of DotA were not so good, and improved on them greatly.

    Just to explain to buyers what exactly this game is, it is a RP-RTS (Role-Playing Real-Time-Strategy). It combines both elements of these types of game and combines them into a fresh new hybrid game. This means that you can build you character up; its stats, gear and more, whilst in an action RTS arena style game. In my opinion these two elements of gaming combine extremly well into a pc game.

    The graphics, when on a good computer, are stunning, the visual effects of both the characters and the arenas are in incredible detail. The animations of the characters attacks and the scenery are vast and look smooth.

    The reason this game doesnt get the 5-star, is becuase it lacks content. There are only a few arenas to play on, a few game modes, and a few Demigod's to play as. Although there is an aspect of re-playability, there is not anough content to make it different every time. In my opinion the fact that it is playable online makes it very replayable, online multi-player means that you can gradually build on your skill and play style etc. There has also been reports that the developers of Demigod (Gas Powered Games) and the publishers (Stardock) are going to ensure we see patches and updates regularly. Ontop of that there are romours of new Demigod's and Arenas to be available as downloadable content.

    Overall this game is a great addition to the pc gaming world and is a must buy for people who like RTS, RPG and MMORPG games.

  2. Turok


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £33.44  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.56

     Extremely FUN...and pretty good too.


    Well..the game has alright graphics, amazing scenery (just look up when your outdoors), interesting combat, well thought through combat cutscenes and an overall fun gameplay.

    If your looking for a realistic shooter dont look here, although it may not be the game-of-the-year type thing. Its still a greatly fun and interesting game.

  3.  A Good Game!


    Army Of Two combines coop game play and shoot 'em' up style combat to create an entire new style of game. In my eyes its like gears of war, COD 4 and GRAW all put together with a bit of sinister looking armor on the characters.

    The graphics are good and very crystal clear through a hdtv (1080p). The Movies before each mission (not the cut-scenes but the movies) are stunning. They look almost real.

    The main characters(the army of two) are two very different people put in the same job and working together. Salem is a long haired cocky sort of person and Ries is a big ex-commando looking guy with a strong mind for conspiracies.

    The game play is all about working together, you have to execute moves like back-to-back and coop-snipe to eliminate your enemies. Also there are several different orders that you can tell your partner (offline campaign). You can tell him to move up, regroup and hold position, and they are all switchable to aggressive and non-aggressive. Wether your partner actually does these orders depends on combat, how hurt he is, what gun hes using etc. Overall the gameplay is unique yet very very good.

    The online is an entire new experience to the campaign modes. The matches are 2-on-2 based warfare with different game modes. There are also NPC (bots) running around killing both you and your enimies. The game modes include elimination, warzone etc. Warzone is a new gamemode that ive never seen before (its not like gears of war), you have objectives including capture the position, escort a injured vip, destroy the ammunitions warhouse and many more, all in one match. The more objectives you complete the points you accumulate. Then whoever ends up with the most points wins.

    Overall this game has good graphics, amazing gameplay, unique story and a good price (of play.com anyway). I definitely recommend.

  4.  Transform and roll out...away from this game.


    This game was a real let down. How could anyone mess-up a game based on transformers. The movie was tip-top and the CGI was through the roof. But the game unfortunately was the opposite. The game play was bad, the missions were even worse and the enemies & AI was terrible. I guess the game is almost worthy of being £15.99. The only good thing is that you can transform in and out on demand of pressing Y.

    I just cant believe how bad this game was compared to the movie. They could have made this game a 5 star all round with better publisher like EA or Infinity Ward...it was all so rushed...



    ive played the demo downloaded from the xbox live marketplace and this is the best burnout i"ve ever played. By the looks of things the map is going to be quite big and the stunts in the demo map are awesome. The crashes are top-graphics and the cars seem to be based more on real cars than the rest of the burnout series. The MMO (massive-multiplayer-online) feature is amazing, better than Test Drive Unlimited. The demo features only a small part of the MMO feature but it looks great so far. On Test Drive Unlimited there was not much to do with other player apart from cruising and enjoying the nice Hawaiian view. But on Burnout Paradise there is tonnes to do, you can fin Jumps compete for drifts, jumps, oncoming traffic runs, smash each other and more. Overall Burnout Paradise is one of the best racing games i've ever played (and ive only played the demo :) ).

  6.  BEST YET !?


    As many people have said (and complained) at the fact that the free-roam aspect of the game has gone. To be honest there was nothing particularly good about free roam (there was nothing to do), all it did is make the journey from each race take longer. NFS Pro-Street is a more realistic and professional game, the cornering is allot more realistic too. The customization is amazing and every part you add to your car effects its performance, you can take your car and test it in a wind tunnel to see its air resistance :) . The crashes are amazing and although you are instantly knocked out the race after a bad crash it is still a good addition to the game (makes it more realistic). There are allot of different types of races and overall this NFS is the second best...behind NFS underground 2.