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  1.  Next Gen?


    Fans of the silent hill of old might find this a little different from the previous silent hill games, but this is still very much the silent hill we all know and love.

    The change in combat is more involving than the previous titles allowing you to dodge attacks and set up for counters, the ammunition cap that is in place means that you will find yourself getting up close and personal alot of the time especially with the bosses.
    Although more intensive than the previous titles it is a welcome change in my opinion as now boss battles require a more strategic approach rather than simply hanging back and blasting away.

    This time round the enemies are more aggressive than in the previous titles, and each type of enemy has its own weakness which you will need to exploit in order to minimise the damage taken, for example the nurses wont be able to see you in the dark allowing you to get issue damage with taking any yourself, leave the light on and they will surround you and often pin you in leaving you helpless against there attacks.

    A welcome relief to most of the fans who failed to bond with silent hill 4, will welcome the return of the item wheel, which is now separated into both items and weapons, each of which can be accessed by holding either the left or the right bumper, allowing easier access.

    As you'd expect, graphically the game is an improvement over any of the pervious titles, however they are not quiet as you would expect from a next Gen. title, the settings look fantastic, and seeing the world melt into its hell state right in front you is a great addition. However, as with all silent hills less attention has been paid to the actual characters.

    Homecoming, also sees the introduction of QTE similar to those seen in resident evil 4 which help to both involve and infuriate the player, mess up dodging an enemy attack and you'll have to button mash to save taking heavy damage or in most cases dying, and almost all boss battles end by hitting the correct button when promoted, after they have taken enough damage.
    Although the host of new additions may put silent hill fans off this latest installation, the story remains very much silent hill, and many classic almost essential silent hill components are still firmly inplace, along with masses of the eerie feeling that we associate with silent hill.

    This is still silent hill, just as not quiet as we remember it, the new combat system and QTE combined with classic silent hill, make this different but very enjoyable. The games only flaw is the number of 'bugs' which have made it to release, at points you may find yourself stuck with nowhere to go, or have the game crash out without warning. Although a problem at times it isn't difficult to look past and find what is a fantastic game.