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  1.  Fairly good


    Gameplay wise this is a run of the mill hack and slash. However the setting and story raise it above the ordinary and gives it a unique feel.
    Worth a look.

  2.  A very pleasant surprise.


    I hadn't really been keeping an eye on this game to be honest and bought it on a whim. Very pleased with myself as its by far the pick of the hack and slash action games released in the early part of 2010.
    It's biggest strength is not the action itself but the puzzles that appear throughout the game and require you to use a variety of powers that you acquire.
    There are a dazzling array of powers and abilities, however they are introduced one at a time and the game ensures you are efficient with one before moving on to the next by laying challenges and puzzles of increasing difficulty before the player in each area.
    An absolutely superb game.

  3.  It's what you can't see that scares you.


    Very few film or game makers understand the above phrase and sadly think people are scared by huge monsters or severed limbs and bucket loads of blood and guts. So when a horror game or film comes along that makes use of sound, lighting and ambience in the right way it's massively refreshing. This game does what you want any horror game to (although sadly few do...) it unnerves you and has you feeling reluctant to move forward further into the game world. And the best part is it does it all without in your face monsters and ridiculous amounts of gore, in fact the game's biggest strength is that it doesn't show the player too much, it doesn't offer an explanation for everything it leaves much to the imagination and is all the better for it. Another positive is the way the game and its story positions itself in a grey area between the realistic and the supernatural causing the player to question whether or not theres actually anything unexplainable going on or not.
    Then theres gameplay itself, the game focuses massively on close-quarters-combat and the variety and peculiarity of the melee weapons available makes more for some entertaining scraps.
    Theres also the CSI style forensics aspect which is a nice touch and breaks up the combat moments in the game well.
    Overall a truly brilliant and disturbing horror FPS.

  4.  Must buy!!!


    Ok so the phrase must buy or must own is often over-used, especially in the gaming market, but this game truly falls into that category. This is the game Tomb Raider has been trying to be since The Last Revelation (the last decent Tomb Raider game) and ironically could put the final nail in Lara's sarcophagus.
    Beautiful environments, a simple yet gripping plot and top-notch voice-acting. Fast paced action is married with an agile and responsive set of controls so that the player is never left frustrated by the games physics. As well as this there are numerous bonus unlockables and hidden treasures, these combined with varying difficulty levels give a huge dose of replayability.
    Believe me when I say you must own this game!

  5.  Very short and very sweet.


    Ok so it may be one of the shortest games I've ever played, but its still really great fun. Graphically beautiful, top-notch voice acting and hugely enjoyable combat.
    I cannot however give 5 stars to a game as short as this.

  6.  Errm...


    Where do I start, graphics aren't as good as some PS2 games I own never mind PS3. Ridiculously cheesy storyline with cringe-inducing voice acting. Gameplay is extremely repetitive.
    Pity the game couldn't also have been lost.
    Avoid at all costs.

  7.  Good, but not the leap forward from 3 I expected.


    Again as with previous games in the series the game is immensely satisfying to play, the pace and intensity of the action gets the adrenaline going as with past instalments.
    However other than an improvement in graphics and the introduction of a new playable character, its pretty much same as the others. Whilst this isn't necessarily a bad thing in itself I wanted to be bowled over, awestruck by Devil May Cry on the next gen... but I wasn't.
    As for the new character Nero who you must use for 13 of the 20 missions (Dante getting the remainder) he's slower than Dante, weaker than Dante and doesn't have as much scope for variation in combat as Dante. He does have the 'Devil Bringer' which is extremely useful in combat and good fun to boot, but I still found I enjoyed Dante's missions a whole lot more.
    Addictive gameplay but classic it ain't.

  8.  Pinnacle of epicness


    One of the greatest games of all time. The freedom granted to the player is truly refreshing in a time when games often seem flashy and linear.
    I've had this game months and theres still plenty to do.
    Epic just doesn't do it justice, astounding.

  9.  Good, bad & ugly


    Great game, slow until you get full control of the squad but then develops into a highly enjoyable horror FPS, whilst not particularly scary the blood and gore help create the games tense, menacing atmosphere. The characters are well developed and the story is great until the ending which is as frustrating and unfulfilling as anything I've ever witnessed and really lets the game down. Thus 3 stars.