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  1.  iPod Touch - Fantastic


    I have been waiting ages for an iPod touch and I've finally got one. Here are all the good things:
    Safari, YouTube, Screen size, earphones, stand, musc capacity - so pretty much everything is good.
    Bad things:
    You have to physically get the iPod out of your pocket and press like 3 buttons to change the volume where on the other iPOds, you just reach into your pocket and turn the clickwheel. All in all, a great piece of kit.

  2.  SUPERB!!!


    Oh my... I have been apalled by the speed of my gateway notebook until.... I upgraded to this!! Literally, my PC takes a matter of seconds to load compared to the 5 minutes it used to. When an icon is clicked, it loafd instantly. If you want to completely revamp your computer, buy this. Purely because it is soo fast, reliable and doesn't add weight to your PC

  3.  In Short...


    These monitors are great, reliable and you can do pretty much anything on them. Watching films on them is simply superb as is streaming videos off the internet and displaying slideshows.

  4.  Excellent


    I purchased this software for my Gateway Notebook which I got for a bargain of £359.99. My Gateway had Vista Home Basic which was OK and I got along well. I installed my Dad's version of Office 2003 and everything was fine. I then heard about Vista Ultimate... I use my notebook on the train, in the office and at home, I use it a lot every day. After installing loads of office software, my laptop was becoming slow and boring. I then bought Vista Ultimate, you have LOADS more software, the windows fade in and out and my laptop has speeded up a lot. There is the Aero Flip design for multimedia and loads more games for playing. It's purely awesome. I would recommend it to anyone, instead of buying Vista Premium, buy Ultimate, it's not that much more expensive and sooooo ore effective

  5.  OK, But A Bit Pricey


    Ok, yeah, if you wanna spend 300 odd quid on microsoft programs, them dont let me stop you, but; come on... 365 quid just for 5 programs. It's not a mega wow when you get it, it isn't fun. I mean, if you want microsoft programs that badly, just go and buy a cheap laptop instead of this for your mac

  6.  HELP??


    Can you use this to play a Wii on your laptop? If someone can reply, that would be great

  7.  Superb


    I bought one of these hard drives for my son because he only has 40gb of memory on his laptop. He has stored about 30 movies on this hard drive, says it is as quiet as a mouse and is really quite small compared to the massive 500gb in it. It's great, compatible with vista, quiet and compact. You don't really need to set it up. It's basicly just plug & play

  8.  Super Fast At A Low Low Price!


    This Memory card is compatible for most phones and i purchased one for my K800i. It's simply magnificent, it holds loads!! Don't buy the 4GB one because it takes ages to load the Music and Picture files on your phone!

  9. Spirit


    Leona Lewis - CD

    7 New from  £2.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13



    This has got to be the best album this year, it features Leona's debut single "A Moment Like This" and the superb new release "Bleeding Love" You will never get tired of listening to this album, I've played it more than 190 times in a week!!

  10.  Excellent Choice For A Great Price


    This bluetooth headset has a great style, pattern and is very lightweight. It's cheap, nice to wear and lasts for years. So why not get one now?