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  1.  perfection


    one of the finest debut albums i have ever heard, no weak tracks and most are catchy , this band are going places, am not going to go thru the tracks just buy the album and give it a couple of plays thru and you will know where am coming from.

  2.  doesnt reach the heights


    ok let me start by saying i havent read the jack reacher books by lee child but i will. a lot of hype came with this film so i had hope that maybe cruise had made a rare decent film, well sorry its average at best and i can understand the fury of jack reacher fans. there were so many better choices for the role, to many directors have allowed cruise to much say how he portrays characters and its happened here. i am now going to make a point of reading lee childs novels and meet the real jack reacher.

  3.  the chainsaws blunt


    as a horror fan i usually love these kind of franchises but am afraid this is one too often, its easy to say the original had the power to shock and it did. the same cant be said here, pretty poor effort all round and will even disappoint hardcore fans. twenty minutes in you will be bored with it. not many kills and you hardly see much of them, give it a miss, it will be on skys horror channel soon enough.

  4.  neat modern thriller


    really enjoyed this film,a couple of low life hustlers have he audacity to rob the mob at a high stakes poker game, it isnt long before the mob call in hitman/enforcer jackie cogan played by brad pitt . pitts character is soon finding out who guilty and doling out the punishment, the violence when occurs is graphic but essential. pitt is brilliant and well supported by whole cast especially ray liotta . all in all a neat thriller well worth a watch.

  5.  creepy and scarey......not


    very disappointing, when you look at cover and read notes on back you will think this sound like it be a neat little chiller . how wrong you will be, the acting is nondescript at best, claims to have awesome twist at end but most film fans will get the twist long before then. this type of film has been done many times before and better. no scares and no thrills. save your money and wait till on telly.

  6.  give it a chance


    ok the bourne trilogy with matt damon were first class ,brill etc etc. do not be put off this film because its a pretty good addition to the series, jeremy renner puts in a good shift and the plot is weaved into the bourne trilogy nicely. yes it follows a familiar path to first three films but we enjoyed them so give this chance .

  7.  good ol moonshine boys


    a much better fim than pro critics would have you believe, a great cast,gary oldman(not enough screen time), guy pearce is brill as a sadistic agent , tom hardy goes from strength to strength and shia lebouf aint bad either. its basically the story of the bondurant brothers who like many in the prohibition days distilled illegal liquor(moonshine). very violent but then they were violent times. recommended.

  8.  the real judge dredd


    we can finally put to bed the awful stallone version from the 90s, this is how dredd was meant to be. a no nonesense film that moves from word go. all action takes place in a locked down apartment block run by ma ma ( lena headey). dredd and his young female sidekick proceed to deliver justice as they fight to stay alive. fun and violent and highly recommended.

  9.  moving war drama


    i wont go into to much detail here other than to say get this film, if like me you enjoy war films from asian market you will not be disappointed. it has a plot and plenty action and based on actual events. similar kind of film to brotherhood, 71 into the fire and frontline.

  10.  thrills in space


    earth of future prisoners are frozen and are incarcerated on a floating space prison. guy pearce a betrayed cia operative is on his way to the freezer when the presidents daughter is kidnapped while on a visit to the prison, all the convicts are thawed out and taking hostages, guy pearce is the only man that can save the day. so lots of kick ass action to save the daughter of president and clear his name. maggie grace shows she a leading lady in making is presidents daughter and a largely british cast are convicts, plays like fortress meets escape fom new york, plenty action n thrills.