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  1.  Bit of a disappointment


    Firstly I am a huge MW fan and have struggled through MW2 on veteran as well as lost hours of my life online. To make it clear i'm NOT a noob!!! Although magazines love this game I certainly have some doubts, even after playing for so long.
    The campaign is WAY to short but some of the twists and turns are quality (no spoilers don't worry). Multi-player however, which I imagine is why most people will by this is where it becomes a real mixed bag. Being able to control ur killstreaks now is brilliant but the deathstreaks to "balance" it up r just shocking poor in comparison, snipers still stick out like a sore thumb and IW servers need some serious updating. I would think I've lost server connection about 25% of all matches and lagged for a good 50%, theres only 16 people playing for gods sake!!! Compare this with MAG and it's 256 player mayhem and ZERO lag and u gotta wonder about IW. There really is no excuse but I digress lol.
    On the whole if you're new to COD then you'll prob love this and think I've gone barmy but any experienced players or general FPS fans you love it then loathe it in time, it is a very mixed bag. Oh and someone do something about all the little kiddies talking about their school dinners too lol its an 18 for a reason mum's and dads!!!

  2.  A Contender For Game Of The Year


    Just 100% completed it last night, all glyphs, feathers etc and have got to say how much of a vast improvement this was over the first (which I still lved even though it was repetitive). Graphics top notch, gameplay free-roaming with a spot on blend of stealth and action, the best bit being you decide which is best. As a previous reviewer said the script is probably one of the best on any video game and I now wish I could speak Italian just so I know what Ezio's swearing sometimes lol.
    Can honestly say I can find no faults in this game, know it got a 9 rating in Official Playstation Mag... Think it should have been a 10 compared to some of their 9 disappointments. Hours of fun with a very compelling and involved storyline picking up from the first game and explaining a lot, can't wait for the third. Basically BUY IT lol!!

  3.  Not as bad as some below say


    Right firstly I'm a massive 1st-person shooter fan and have sampled many of the highs (and lows) that various companies have spewed out at us over the years. Wolfenstein Is not a particulary bad effort, the graphics are above average but not quite ground breaking, the enemy ai is reasonably sound but nowhere near as testing as a human opponent (when is it ever!). The veil element is certainly quite refreshing, easy to get used to and master and definately adds something to the playability. Upgrade options for all weapons and veil powers enhaces longevitiy, particulary as it states that you won't be able to upgrade everything completely, there isn't the funds in game so u have to analyse how you play and adjust accordingly. Do I really need the bayonet on my kar 38 rifle as i always use it as a long range sniper weapon etc, a nice touch and also can encourage you to replay but in a different style thus altering the game experience 2nd time round giving it replay value. Its not COD but overall it stands on its own two feet nicely without causing you to gasp in sheer wonder. As for people complaining about multiplayer issues, it states that you must have a connection with at least an upload speed of 300kb plus and likewise a download speed roughly the same. So if you're in a low bandwidth area you're gonna have problems peeps.

  4.  R We Playing The Same Game???


    Killzone 2 is superb. Period. End of , no arguments. Single player story IS immersive, gripping, action packed and topped of as the whole game is with truly jaw dropping graphics. Now let me make 1 thing crystal clear b4 i go on... I am a huge COD4 fan, particulary online and couldn't get enough of it. However after having played this when I now go back to COD4 i find i get bored very quickly. There's just not the intensity or team based aspect which is so pivotal to this online mode. The classes add tactical depth so u can't just run in all guns a blazing, let's face it in real life who would.
    Now for the big argument... The Controls. I'll grant u they r not as smooth or as 'instant snap on' as CoD4 but they r also nowhere near as bad as people make out. Perserverance people, weapons have weight and u feel that while playing, once you've become used to it u soon start popping heads just like u always used to and don't forget u can always adjust sensitivity and the rest under control settings so quit whining guys.
    Great game, buy it now and come join my clan.... if ya good enough lol

  5.  Don't judge a book by its cover


    I've gotta be honest when i first picked this up i was ready to dismiss it based on an unknown publisher to me and what looked like dated graphics for this day and age. Thank god i took a punt on it, the aforementioned graphics are a bit wooden as is the voice acting but you must, repeat MUST look through this as the story is fantastic and brilliantly presented to you, the gamer. After an hour you forhet about the graphics completely as you just want to find out whats going on, how did Danver's get here, are there really ghosts etc....

    You absolutely must play it in a dark room with the lights off and curtains shut, whack up the volume and just let yourself ease into the story, I promise you won't be disappointed.

  6.  Epics far too grand a term for this shambles


    Quite simply one of the dullest and most disorganised comedies ever made. Using the success of scary movie to promote this movie is just misleading the audience into thinking this might be quite funny. Trust me it really isn't, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!