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  1.  Excellent Transfer!


    Been years since I saw this movie, finally seen the Blu-Ray and I have to say that for the films age this movie looks amazing! A better transfer than more recent fims. A classic horror reborn!

  2.  Average Horror!


    This is in no way a five star movie, but its not the worst one by any means. The last 2 or 3 movies were rubbish and to be honest I did not expect much from this but it did surprise me, maybe its because they've got my hopes up at being the last one that I'm maybe being generous with this review. Usual traps and gore, which was a bit over the top when he's pulling out his teeth, he would have fainted through blood loss, maybe there's a deleted scene were he gives himself a blood transfusion, ha ha! All in all not the worst but fingers crossed there's no more as this franchise has more than ran it's course!

  3.  Cracking game at a cracking price!


    Zombie games and movies seem to be everywhere at the moment and that just suits me fine. Loved the original but the developers have outdone themselves this time. Brilliant story and the same sublime backdrops from the first game. Contains other DLC from the first game, plus a hard copy is always better in my book.For this price you cant go wrong!

  4.  Finally a good one!


    Great transfer, fantastic sound and finally a decent story after the rubbish AVP films. Yes it has similarities to the first one but to me thats what makes it great. Adrian Brody was excellent as the ex-black ops merc, what people have to realise is that not all special forces soldiers look like arnie! All in all an excellent edition to the franchise.

  5.  Loved it!


    RPG's are not normally my type of game, but I loved this and it's predecessor. Yes it is very similar to Fable 2 but that's not a bad thing. Fantastic story and graphics but there are a few problems with glitches and slow down. If you do all the quests and build up your property empire there is easily more than 20 hours of gameplay here.

  6. Blur


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £24.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.93

     Cheap as chips!


    One of the best arcade racers I've played in years! Fast cars and weapons make this fun and unpredictable, like another reviewer said it's mario cart for grown ups! Perfect if like me you find racing sims boring.

  7.  Brilliant!


    Love this game, great story, far more playable than the first and with better graphics. Its not going to be to everyones tastes but if you liked the first you're def gonna like this one! Original online game to make cash for spending on weapons and such is a great idea!

  8.  One of the best!


    Truly one of the best games I have ever played. A masterpiece. Only game I've bought for the ps3 which I didnt trade in after a couple of days!

  9.  Usual overhyped ps3 game!


    Beautiful graphics and a great story, but very repetitive and absolutly no replay value. Truly a Fanboy favourite. If it wasnt for the blu-ray I'd trade my ps3 in in a heartbeat!

  10.  Class A!


    Original, funny and shocking! Had this for a while as I bought it on a whim, wished I'd watched it before I did. Packs a real punch as one minute it's touching, the next minute ultra violent. Excellent film and cant wait for the sequel!