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  1.  Hola holiday!


    I bought this for what I thought would be the perfect gift for my aged 92 year old grandmother to take on holiday. Her regular zimmer frame would take up valuable space on an already crowded aeroplane. Cue the inflatable zimmer frame!

    Initially delighted with her new acquisiton, and after carefully inflating it to the specified pressure she proceeded to the hotels fabulous poolside restaurant for evening dinner.

    The zimmer frame promptly buckeld and toppled over with my 92 year old grandmother in hot pursuit headlong into the pool.

    Needless to say this inferior product put a dampner on the holiday spirit. However on the plus side it does make an excellent swimming aid as my grand mother would surely have drowned without it.

  2.  Logitech excels with the G9, a must for any serious gamer!!!


    'This is a lot of money to pay for a mouse', I'm sure you've thought to yourself. Well I can assure you that indeed it is but some things really are worth paying the extra for, and this is it. Not convinced? Read on!

    As a Warcraft fanatic who likes to have as many abilities as possible keybinded I decided I needed some sort of upgrade from my Intellimouse explorer. There's a plethora of mice available which brings me to my first point. This is a gaming mouse and if you don't game then you really should look elsewhere as this is total overkill for you.

    As you can see, it isn't going to win 1st prize in the beauty contests. However I prefer quality over looks. The G9 is a well conceived product and oozes build quality. When taken out of the box you'll have a choice of 2 skins for it (wide and narrow) personally I prefer the wide load grip. These are easy to fit and change around.

    I had read reports of the G9 not being long enough, all I can say is I have fairly large hands and I find it fits well and is extremely comfortable

    After connecting the mouse with the adequately lengthy braided cable I installed the drivers. Thereupon I hit my first and only snag. Although XP recognised the drivers it failed to install correctly. I had to have my old mouse connected and install them from device manager. Not a huge problem but annoying nonetheless.

    The G9 has 9 programmable buttons, as do many other mice. The difference here is that they all work extremely well. The thumb nestles into a crevice just below the 2 side buttons, and I've never missed once. I was concerned that when using the 2 side scroll buttons I'd hit the middle mouse button accidentally. It needs a definite push to activate so not a problem at-all. G9 comes with - + buttons to adjust DPI the setting which is lit up by led's there's absolutely no chance of hitting these accidentally.

    For Warcraft to recognise the side scroll buttons I needed to download and install setpoint from Logitech and assign different keys to them. Setpoint is also where you'll change the LED colour to one of your choice and many other options, saving profiles and so on.

    For browsing the net, the free-scroll mouse is superb for long web-pages.

    You can add weights (included) to the G9; a breeze to do, and not a gimmick as I had presumed it really does make a difference!

    My final point is if you're going to buy this mouse please make sure you have a quality mouse mat designed for laser mice to go with it. I replaced the one I was using with a gel wrist rest. The shape of the G9 just didn't seem to work with it for me.

    To sum up this is an excellent mouse which I have no hesitation in recommending.

  3.  PLz don't breed again!!!


    I had the misfortune to buy this game based upon it's pre-release hype, at a much higher price than it is now. The budget price has scored it 2 insteas of 1 star.

    The game is a generic fps futuristic shooter, think Halo but nowhere near as good.

    Enemies have very dumb AI. the voice overs are humorous but only becuase they are so badly scripted, with it's over-egged gung ho, 'let's go get em, yee-haa!' attitude.

    The levels were extremely buggy, annoyingly so. Although this may have been remedied with patches, but don't count on it :P

    During the game you get to fight along squad mates whom you can give simple orders to. What a waste of time, your squaddies are totally useless and I found myself ordering them to stay put as I fought alone.

    Vehicles you can drive within the game did add some variety and were actually quite fun to drive for a while. However this isn't enough to warrant playing Breed. With so many other quality FPS around why bother?