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  1.  Its well Meh!


    I bought this album on the strength of the two singles and when i played the album for the first time i was a bit disappointed and still am. The only two really strong songs are the singles the rest are more like bubblegum pop. The attitude that is present in the two singles just arent present in the rest of the songs and the one thng that has really turned me off this album is the LIVE song like halfway through!!! It just feels soooo out of place. In fact it actually annoys when youve listened to like 3 songs with real production and then the live one comes on!
    I dont recommend people get the whole album if they love the two singles because you will be disappointed. I much prefer Clare Maguires album, it seems a lot more polished.

  2.  Stunning!


    I absolutely love this album. Her first album that was never released was pretty good then she released The Alesha Show and it was OK there wasnt really anything amazingly special about it. And then comes along The Entertainer, its actually stunning! The album is totally different from The Alesha Show, this is very electronically driven. Most of the album is upbeat, you get hooked from the first song and i must say i prefer the Remix of Radio to the original version, the Remix is actually awesome! I think its become my new favourite song and i wish that she put that as the official song rather than the slow version.
    I totally recommend this to all Alesha lovers, and also people who are a fan of well crafted pop music! You wont be disappointed!
    5 STARS!

  3.  Truly Amazing Book!


    I never read crime/murder mystery books, but I though i would give this one a try and im so glad i did! It truly is an amazing book, the plot is wonderful and will have you guessing throughout and the ending is like woah! I have since seen the film and can also say that it is very good although there are quite a few differences between the two it still stayed true to the book. You will automatically fall in love with the main characters!
    And one other thing about this book IT GOT ME ADDICTED TO COFFEE!!!! Seriously though they drink coffee like all the time! so half way through i just an urge for it and havent stopped drinking it since!
    Totally recommend this to anyone who loves a book with great characters and an interesting plot!
    Best way to read it is with.....a cup of coffee!!! Hahaha! I have now purchased the next two and look forward to reading those too!

  4.  Truly Amazing! And Candy Floss Scented!


    If you are a fan of Katy Perry and her music then you will love this album! I personally think its better than her first, all the songs are fun and fluffy which is what you would expect from viewing the cover as she is lying in candy floss! Which btw the albums booklet is actually candy floss scented which i think is amazing i mean how many artists have done that!
    I decided to buy the 2 Disc edition as i do love her! And its a treat! It has an extra cd with the few songs she released with artists and a couple of remixes! Overall a total buy! I love it!

  5.  I Personally Think Its Better Than Her Last!


    I used to like Rihanna but quickly went off her last album Good Girl Gone Bad, most of the tracks on that album were pretty good but there was some real duds and thats the reason i went off her and that album. Then i heard rude boy from this album Rated R and i was like hmm its catchy, so i went out and bought it and im so glad i did! I love it! All the songs are catchy and have that raw edge to them unlink the songs on GGGB where they were very polished and poppy. I love this darker album. All the songs are listenable and really enjoyable. Ive had it on repeat since i bought it!
    I recommend you buy it the only fault i can think of for this album is the last song which ironically is called The Last Song, its a little boring but hey it is the last song after all.

  6.  An Excellent Re-Release!


    Most re-release albums with like one or two new songs or perhaps a dvd this comes with an extra disc with 8 BRAND NEW TRACKS!!!
    And the new tracks are just as strong as the rest of the album!
    Bad Romance is sure to do well in charts as it is magnificant, Alejandro is a fun song and speechless is a sort of slow one but beautiful at the same time. Monster is fantastic and just makes me laugh! Dance in the dark has a good chorus and is a good dance track. Telephone with Beyonce is fantastic, So happy i could die is probably the least memorable song on the album i dont know what it is but i just dont realy connect with it, with a few more listens im sure i will love it. And finally TEETH! now this one is one of my faves its just so random and i love the beat!!
    Deffo buy for all fans or even new Gaga fans!
    P.s. on this version of the album you get retro dance freak instead of Again, Again tbh its not as good as Again, Again but if you already have that song then buy this version you might aswell for a new song!

  7. Overcome


    Alexandra Burke - CD

    14 New from  £2.71  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13



    I bought this album purely because of the single bad boys, i never watched her on the x factor last year and didnt really care much for her as i thought oh shes just another winner of that show. But wow!! Absolutely love this album! Its fantastic, its nothing like leona lewis' thank god all hers was ballad after ballad and thats just boring. Alexandra's has many upbeat fun pop/r&b songs which is what we need! She is probably the only one off the xfactor to make a fun up beat album. She has the odd ballad but who doesnt and its nice to have a slow one to calm you down and get ready for the next bass jumping song!
    Highlights of this album have to be definately the single bad boys, the silence, broken heels, dumb and all night long. The album is just a fantastic listen! Ive listened to it soo many times now lol!
    I always have it playing in the car too!
    Definately recommend to fans of her and people that like her single because you wont be disappointed. The vocals are wow!

  8.  Absolutely Fantastic!


    Ok so this was never going to please all the die hard Madonna fans out there!
    I am no die hard fan but i like her music and have a few of her albums, i would not say this is for someone who has all her albums because TBH whats the point in buying it when you have all the songs but 2!
    There are many songs on this album that i dont have and thats the reason why i bought it! And i heard Revolver and absolutely loved it!
    I think the song selection is great a great mixture of new and old that will always get you singing along, i dont think there is a song on either disc that i would consider skipping!
    Recommend to anyone who enjoys her music!

  9.  An Amazing Console!


    This is my first PSP and i absolutely love it.
    The colour is fantastic alot better than what is shown in the picture. The screen, audio, everything about this console is wonderful. And this bundle is a steal for £139.99 with the Harry Potter game is a bargain in my eyes! Why would you pay £134.99 for just the console when for an extra £5 you can have a game thats worth £30!
    I definately recommend this to anyone who is upgrading or a first time buyer of the PSP.
    The built in microphone is also fantastic, I use the skype function quite a bit and its just like a phone call,but is free!
    A Definate Buy Without A Doubt You Wont Be Disappointed!

  10.  Actually Amazing!


    This has got to be one of the best albums i have bought in a long long time. Its so original! There is not one dull song on this album! All have catchy beats and great lyrics! Its more like a work of art by the way it is produced! If you liked her two singles Poker Face and Just Dance then you will absolutely love this album!
    She is the most original artist to come out in a long time!
    I totally recommend this to anyone who loves pop/dance music or her in general!