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  1.  Great Product + Question


    Excellent, must have if you wish you enjoy your Xbox 360 to the full. One question: If I purchase this now, will the code work in 9 months from now? Reason I ask is.. I already have a membership but this one gives a month free and I can't see that lasting long. So I was planning a buy in advance but not using the card til I needed to. Would it void?

  2.  Outstanding!


    In terms of being a fan of the series, you can not go wrong with this game. It is by far the best in the series (although others would argue MGS1 to be better in terms of story).

    + Excellent graphics
    + Excellent sound
    + Excellent replayability (Emblems, unlockables)
    + Unrivalled in almost every area

    - Really long cutscenes

    The reason I have put the cutscenes as a con is for people who are new to the game and series in general. People who are used to FPS games which are generally all action and next to no watching may think this is a shooter when really it's more of a "Do not be seen at all costs!" game.

    However the option is there to be all guns blazing and there is a fantastic array of weapons that can be found in the game. A lot of which are customisable to a huge extent (grips, laser sight, grenade launcher, suppressor, you name it).

    After completing the story several times over (once is not enough trust me!) you can move straight on to MGO which is basically taking everything from the single player and making it an online game. You do have to go through a registration process at Konami online but it should not take you too long and you will be set up and ready to show off your skills.

    Control scheme for this game has been more westernised and is played mainly in 3rd person with the option of going to first person (although it's only really useful if you want a precision long range shot). It can be difficult at first if you are not used to 3rd person shooters but after a while it becomes natural and you do not really need to think about it.

    Overall this game is one of the best games I have ever owned. Anyone who owns a PS3 and does not own this is missing out!

  3.  PS3 Upgrade


    I bought it as a PS3 upgrade and it works excellent. Easy to install. I'm a bit disappointed that I paid 99.99 for it 4 days ago and it's now 79.99 so I feel a little bit robbed but even for the more expensive price I paid I can safely say I am still happy. Actual usable memory is around 298GB just so you know. Buy it now, for 79.99 it's a steal! Excellent delivery, however I wish i had waited a few days and got it cheaper.