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  1.  Dissapointed


    I absolutley loved the first dragon age because of it's story. It had me stuck in right from the begining and had a great feeling of scale , that the whole world would end if you didnt do something. Dragon age 2 massively disapointed me as i was just waiting for a massive plot to start but it just never happened , things just kind of happen with no build up. By the middle of the game i was only left playing purely out of being stubborn and wanting to complete it for the sake of it.

    Pros: Better graphics and gameplay
    Cons: Everything feels like a side quest, lame characters , Not being able to give your companions stuff you can't use any way, no build up to big events they just happen, same city throughout is so boring and everything from dragon age origins pretty much accounts for nothing. Oh and Hawke is a douche, genuinley prefered my silent character from origins!

  2.  help please


    i am buying this for my mother, she desperate to get this album after seeing him on x-factor. Is this the album with the newest released single??

  3.  Unbelievable Online Game


    Bought the game purley because based on the reviews and what a buy, the co-op online is just brilliant. Ive had so many great moments on it already with complete strangers on xbox live because it throws up some of the best action and intensity ive ever seen in a game . Buy It!

  4.  Demo review


    Awesome graphics and gameplay, but not being able to move and shoot needs to be changed for me, but otherwise absolutly awesome. A real shame a tiny minority of people claimed the demo was rascist due to it being in africa, absolutley disgraceful claim.

  5.  Great Fun


    The Demo is great fun online, maybe not so much for the more serious gamers , the campaign looks great with loads of enemys to kill so should be great. Graphics are good but not great.

  6. 22-20s


    22-20s - CD

    1 New from  £3.35  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.15

     Great undiscovered Album


    This is a really great album , im a big fan of Foo Fighters , Bloc Party and Audioslave and the 22-20s are in the same region of music with great guitar and vocals.

  7.  Rushed just to get Money during Christmas sales


    No where near as good as CoD 4, the campaign gets boring after about half hour and the online maps are too big in my opinion and the gameplay isnt as good as CoD 4 . There is nothing new in this one so save your money and buy Gears of War.

  8.  Epic


    Absoltley immense game, the campaign is great this time and is a decent length, around 10 hours. But the multiplayer is just pure class meatflag and guardian are two great new game modes and horde is just endless fun. Will take me years to get bored of this game

  9.  great game


    The game is awesome, has got great graphics and the sound just gets you pumped up when your in a fight. A great hack n slash but also a great rpg game for those who like finding things. Overall great game but not for all