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  1.  A great sounding release


    Having been a little disheartened when The Blood Brothers split I was comforted by the fact that out of one amazing band I was now being offered two different projects that promised to be just as good. I got the Jaguar Love EP when it first became availiable through Crystal City and I was pleasantly surprised by the content of it, for such a small price your given 3 tracks of sheer joy which is really what was expecting when Johnny Whitney involved. Sure this review might be slightly biased but nontheless its a great EP kicking off with 'Highways of Gold' in my view the best track on the CD, its sort of a softer melodic pop tune which occasionally dips into the madness that Johnny, Cody and Jay do best which helps define the particular Jaguar Love sound I've come to know and love. I would define it as art rock but a bit more experimental and arty than most others which they pulled off really well it doesnt sound like anything I've previously listened to and it pulls away from the Neon Blonde sound and stands out on its own. The other two tracks on the CD are solid and you'll either be singing along or tapping away to the catchy and inspired lyrics and rhythm each song has. Overall its a nice piece of history to own in what is The Blood Brothers dynasty, but they shouldnt really be compared being completely different and Jaguar Love have managed to pull themselves out of the shadow of all previous bands and are now making themselves known as a force to be reckoned with and not just another project spawned of the earlier band.

  2.  A nice simple port of a classic


    Final Fantasy was THE RPG title of its time, it introduced the phenomenon to the mass market and set a benchmark for future RPGs to go by. The game has been remade with beautiful 2D graphics and a musical score which will have you humming along wherever you are. The original game had many flaws and this remake has done little to compensate for them, it is still very slow paced and it does get repetitive quite easily but its an RPG afterall. My main problem with the game is the lack of direction you seem to have, with NPCs hidden away in corners who give the most vague details of where to go next and which monster to kill so its a very time consuming game. The controls have mapped almost perfectly, although to access the map function quickly requires you to remove your hand from the D Pad in oder to activate the screen. Overall I rate this game a 3/5, for a solid RPG experience which fills a few hours.

  3.  Nice update to the original game


    A new single player mode included, which improves slightly to the original. But where the game really kicks off is in its online mode. Online mode sees you take a 4 man squad into the online front, with modes including Deathmatch and Team Death Match which are fast paced action packed modes for quick play. The online mode has a quick join feature for a quick 5 minute game and a decent number of servers so finding a match to join is never a problem. If you own the original it doesnt really add much to the mix, but for the price its a worthy investment.

  4.  Savior of a failing genre


    The teen comedies brought out these days, such as the last 3 American Pie films, all recycle the same jokes and are so painfully predictable they've lost all meaning, then comes Superbad. Using the same basic formula with new jokes and situations it creates a successful comedy film worth watching.

  5.  A sub standard Battle Royale rip off.


    Being a massive fan of both Battle Royale films, I was a bit annoyed when I heard the americans are ripping off the concept in the form of a wrestling movie. The film does have its mandatory hollywood violence and a stereotypical violent british character overshadowed by a kind hearted american juggernaut, but neither of these roles are played very well. Do yourself a favor, get Battle Royale and steer clear of any films containing or endorsed by WWE wrestlers. If you want a wrestling movie, Nacho Libre.

  6.  A hidden and undervalued gem in the franchise.


    Having got this game free with my PSP, as a last resort. I wasnt expecting much play time from it and thought I would stick to the likes on Monster Hunter or Tomb Raider but I was completely wrong.

    The card based gameplay is a new one to me, and I was skeptical as whether it would work or not. I actually fell in love with the new type of gameplay, rather than just another generic action game. The new system has a slight learning curve but its worth surpassing this, after a few hours you'll be selecting cards and formulating guard killing strategies with ease.

    The graphics are very good for a handheld, and apart from a tiny bit of slowdown when everything starts exploding there are no complaints from that sector. The sound effects and musical score are also top notch.

    The story follows the Konami convention of being really far fetched and hard to follow, this particular game involves evil puppets and a mysterious entity named FAR.

    8/10. Worth the play, guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.

  7.  A welcome addition to an already successful series.


    I wasnt really much of a fan of the games, until this one graced my PSP. Newcomer to the series? Origins is the best place to pick it up.

    The events of the game taking place a few years before the first, offer more insight to the enigmatic plot in which the sequels follow, and provide back information on key characters and events which make the Silent Hill story so worthwhile.

    The first thing you notice about Silent Hill, if you play with the headphones in and lights out, is the tense atmosphere the game portrays through chilling sound effects, gorgeous visuals and an array of hellish creatures all bent on tearing you apart. The main part of Silent Hill focuses on large amounts of exploration and puzzle solving, each leading to more and more encounters with even bigger and nastier creatures. Also if you choose to engage the enemies in combat, rather than running like hell in the opposite direction, then you'll soon learn to love the combat system. Although its a bit flawed and repetitive the ability to pick up televisions and hammers in order to plow your way through a corridor of undead nurses is always fun.

    My main problem with the game was the return of the elusive camera, and its many unkind angles. There were times in the game when I couldnt see around a corner because the camera was stuck behind some prop or wall. This isnt that bad of a problem, but its the main one of the game.

    Overall if your a returning fan, or a newcomer, Origins has something to offer everyone. Definitely not for the easily scared, but if you can manage to get through it, it proves an enjoyable worthwhile experience.

    I give it 8.4 out of 10. If it had been a bit longer and the problem of the camera didnt get me killed a few times it wouldve been an easy 9/10. I recommend you buy this game if you own a PSP, or you buy a PSP for this game.

  8.  Beautiful


    I approached this anime after watching the flash animation 'Lilium' by Emi Greneby. She used the opening song from Elfen Lied to title and become the base of her animation. After browsing the internet for the song and its source I stumbled across Elfen Lied, and got curious. I started watching episode one and was hooked immediately, I mustve stayed up about 3 days straight in anticipation for the final episode, at the time I was on slow broadband, after watching it all the ending was truly magnificent. I even cried a little. This anime has everything, guns, romance, violence, telekinesis and girls with horns.