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  1.  Missed chance....


    Starts well and has a great story but the graphics are a little of a let down the on line side is a sad state of affairs.
    The fact the Aliens are so easy to kill has ruined the multi player altho a patch has fixed some of these issues. still a long delay should of seen all these problems fixed way before release.

  2.  Save often


    Like the original then you will love this would of have given 5* but for the fact that in later missions the game has a tendency to freeze up and needs to be rebooted hence the save often.

    Major patch needed for the freeze outs as in begining of game you can play for hours before it crashes the more you research and the more fancy guns the more chance of freeze.

    Save often!!!!



    After all the critics panned this movie i was so very releuctant to spend money and as it was out of the cinema so quick i missed it. How ever i kept seeing the ads and the trailier on here i keptthinking i would buy it and see how bad it was............ HOW VERY WRONG I WAS!!!

    This film is fantastic as a stand a lone story and it will stand the test of time. If they make more of them iqnor the critics they must of gone to see a diffrent movies to me and go see it the sequal can only be better and this one is great :)

  4.  Good single player but.....


    Good single player game easy to follow story and controls good and simple to use, on-line play is sluggish and jittery.

    Just like Black Ops they didn't realise how popular on-line would be and the servers lag shows that :(
    As time goes on am sure the servers will be updated but for now its just frustrating.

  5.  Not up to spec (sorry)


    Small multi lvl maps that take ages to load.
    Lag time outs happen a lot.
    Graphics no where near MW2
    Poorly thought weopon upgrade systerm.

    Very dissapointed with this and after such a lot of hype........ dont think i gonna be keeping long before MW2 comes back on.

  6.  Damned awfull


    PS2 graphics with PS1 game play, not even a good story to boost the game from the lows you encounter in the 1st 10 mins. Thank god i didnt buy new is all i can say even at £15 it too much money to wate on such a awfull game.

  7.  good stuff


    Good stuff a return to a truly good game for this series however the online side after many tries is poor and seems to glitch almost continuesly.

    Great graphics but the scenery seems to stop the bullets you fire and not the Nazies ones from traveling so while u hide they hurt you and you dont hurt them. Good game and story .

  8.  Demo review....


    Top notch.

    New souls to collect new minions new lvls new bad guys. After playing the 1st one to death i gotta say they took there sweet time getting this out Only played the one lvl on down load demo but its great the controlls have been tweeked and the graphics look as good as ever.

    Bring on the fluffy animals for the slaughter.

  9.  Busting....


    Its great simple as that.

    Some minor problems with control when firing but easy to get used to the graphics are excellent and the gameplay smoth.

    Its a must buy easy.

  10.  Lets go bust some heds in a spiritual sense of course.......


    It s great.
    Its brill.
    Its Ghostbusters.......... and it looks great the added features is fantastic. the abitly to talk to other peeps while they watch the film is a real treat and not to be missed.