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  1.  Pure action and entertainment one of the best films this yea


    Momoa gives great atitude. The film has action and violence throughout and does not shy away from a bit of blood. Makes you want to quaff mead and rescue maidens.

  2. Havana



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     Would mke a grat film noir


    The Atmosphere of Gangster owned Havana is excellently evoked. I could not help thinking of classic Bogart films when reading this.
    Good characters, excellent action, fine intreague. Recommended.

  3.  It just gets better!


    A fine follow up to The Whale Road continuing the saga.
    Excellent battle scenes and as before the characters are excellent. I can't wait for the third in the series the White Raven.

  4.  A Viking saga


    A fine saga obviously well researched.
    The well developed characters are, sometimes likable sometimes not so but all driven by competing necessities to acts of perceived good, bad, heroism or cowardice and are like David Gemmell's used to be never safe.

  5.  Excellent continuation


    Continues the story of the rise of Genghis Khan and his campaign on China.
    Excellent characterisation, and fast paced with exciting and well imagined action/battle scenes.
    I enjoyed this and his other books in the same way as I enjoyed David Gemmel's historicaly based novels.
    Strongly recommended.

  6.  Evolved discussion


    A fine collection of articles very well editied providing a nice arc to writings on issues obviously close to A fine collection of articles very well edited providing a nice arc to writings on issues obviously close to Professor Dawkins heart. Issues of evolution, religion, rational thought and political philosophy discussed in layman's terms with plenty of good humour to lighten the discourse. The mark of a true educator in that I learned whilst also being entertained.

  7.  Gruesome twosome


    In this second outing the humour is even darker, with cutting wit and keen observation of the mores of today's society. Some excrutaingly brilliant dialogue between dexter and both his alter ego and new playmate. I look forward to seeing how they attempt to dilute this for any new tv series they may make.

  8.  Head case


    A divergence from the previous two novels with supernatural elements that I am not sure work that well. Certainly the humour is still there so still worth a read but not a satisfying as before.

  9.  Definately Different Dexter


    I enjoyed this immensely despite it's significant differences from the tv show, the humour is both darker and more sarcastic than the show. A book with laugh out loud moments.

  10.  Entertaining fantasy


    Fine heroic fantasy with good character developement a real page turner. The subsequent two novels in this trilogy and the subsequent Legends of the Raven trilogy have presented many hours of entertaining escapism for me.