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  1.  Awful Packaging!


    I was interested in this boxset when it was first announced as it works out about 4 pound per movie but the awful scrap-book style packaging has put me right off.
    I'll hang-on for the eventual stand alone releases. I already have all the Blu-rays of the Roger Moore and Sean Connery discs that were released several years ago, so why should I be forced into buying them all over again just for the ones that have not yet been released on Blu?
    I only want, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Octopussy, A View To A Kill and The Living Daylights.
    The not-so-good Pierce Brosnan bonds I can do without, and I already have the Daniel Craig Bonds on Blu as well.
    My bet is these will eventually be released individually during Bonds 50th year sometime during 2013, so my advice is to wait, if like me, you already have the existing Bond Blu-rays.

  2.  Fantastic Film


    One of my favourite films of all time. I have owned the US Region 1 Special Edition for several years but it is not 16:9 enhanced.
    Please can anyone confirm if this latest re-release is indeed 16:9 Anamorphic as indicated in the product details and whether any of the special features from previous editions have been carried over. I would like to know before I double dip.

  3.  Cut for Cash...


    18 rated versions are uncut but 15 rated versions are cut:

    From cuts details on IMDb

    The cuts included:

    1. The removal of a head-butt
    2. A toning down of the strangling of the Chinese suspect
    3. Edits to Cash swinging a baseball bat during the prison fight
    4. Tango hitting the fellow inmate's head against the prison cell bars
    5. Shots of both men being dipped into water containing live electricity cables

  4.  Not 3-D


    UK fans have been stitched-up here with a duff release of Friday The 13TH Part 3 on Blu-ray.
    The film is presented in the standard 2-D version which looks like crap for the majority of it's running time.
    The picture is very soft and out-of-focus for the most part, although this is not a fault with the transfer but the original source material.
    It was shot using a 3-D process which is the reason the 2-D version looks terrible. IT WAS MEANT TO BEEN SEEN IN 3-D.

    U.S. fans get a 3-D version on a 2-disc standard DVD package, so no doubt they will eventually get a Blu-ray edition at some point this year as well.

  5.  Dazzling!


    This is an awesome live concert. I'm glad I didn't buy the standard def DVD version of this and held out for the Blu-ray edition instead.

    It's 1080i resolution, but the picture looks dazzling on my Samsung 42" Plasma which is 1080i anyway so I won't know any different.
    The sound is fantastic in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 played loud on my Onkyo 605 amp.
    This DVD is the next best thing to actually being there.

    The extras are great value with three music videos and a very interesting behind-the-scenes tour which runs about 20 minutes.

    It's the best Girls Aloud DVD to date. Buy it now.

  6.  Not as good as previous albums


    The first track is brilliant but most of the album is becoming a bit tired.
    Don't get me wrong, it's a good album, a few good tracks, but it's nowhere near as good as their last album.
    I think the girls reached their peak with the previous album "Tangled Up".

    Maybe it's time for the girls to take a break. They should take some time off for two or three years and pursue solo projects.

  7.  Brilliant Album


    The new album is brilliant!
    Every track on the CD sounds great.
    I enjoyed this more than the new Girls Aloud album "Out Of Control" which only has a few good tracks and the rest are boring.

    Well done girls.

  8.  Pressing fault


    Just got the UK boxset.
    None of the films will play on my Samsung BDP-1400 Blu-ray player.
    The menu screen loads up on all three of the discs but that is all you get.
    When you make a selection on any of the features on the menu screens the screen goes blank for a few seconds and then loops back to the main menu screen again.

    FOX's quality control is rubbish.

    I'd like to hear from anyone else here if you have the same problem also.

  9.  About 50% Coasters


    I recently got these MAXELL discs from Play.Com when they were on the exclusive 50+30 pack offer.
    So far half the discs I have attempted to burn DVD's using NERO have gone straight into the bin due to freezing errors during playback.
    I won't buy these again, instead I will stick to the SONY or VERBATIM brands in future where I had virtually no problems using them.

  10.  Poor end to the original TV series


    The show was actually cancelled before Season 5.
    The 5th and final season is made up of left-over episodes that were made during season 4.
    Kenneth Johnson the shows producer attempted to convince the heads at CBS to commission a further 6 episodes to at least have half a season and bring a form of closure to the David Banner story but the idea was declined.

    So here we have the last 7 episodes of the original TV series. Unfortunately most of these are below average, particularly "The Venom" which is probably the single worst episode of the entire series.
    Only a couple of decent episodes, "A Minor Problem" and "Veteran" are worthy of any merit.
    Even though this is a poor final season this is still an essential purchase for fans of the original TV series to complete your collections.

    Season Five Episodes:

    (1981-1982 season)

    76. "The Phenom"
    77. "Two Godmothers"
    78. "Veteran"
    79. "Sanctuary"
    80. "Triangle"
    81. "Slaves"
    82. "A Minor Problem"