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  1.  Good


    Not the best Dirty Harry but it is still pretty good.
    The picture transfer is probably the best looking out of the new blu-ray discs.

    The Dolby True HD sound does not work for some reason, so had to listen to it in Dolby Digital 5.1 which sounds fine.
    I guess there is a pressing fault with the disc because the Dolby True HD audio is listed on the menu but does not work.
    The other discs in the series are not affected with this problem.

  2.  Okay Hammer Horror Film, Rubbish Picture Quality


    Not the best Hammer Horror film, but certainly not the worst either.
    The film is very atmospheric just like most of the Hammer movies made at the time during the '60s.
    The creature itself is very average and not very scary to be honest and the make-up is a bit weak also.
    Michael Ripper turns in an excellent performance and has plenty of screen time in this one.

    Now, the transfer on this Optimum/Studio Canal release is a disgrace. It has terrible picture quality with washed out colours and soft focus.
    It really is worse than a third generation VHS tape. There is also very bad compression and noise in the dark areas of scenes.

    This disc is also part of the ULTIMATE HAMMER COLLECTION 21 disc boxset released by Optimum. All the other discs in this collection seem to be okay with mostly very good transfers so it leaves me to believe that there is a possible fault in production of this title.
    I think Optimum should re-press the disc and offer a re-placement programme.
    The Region (0) U.S. release from Anchor Bay which came out in 1999 is by far the superior edition and I recommend you hunt this down instead.

    Avoid this Optimum disc like the plaque!!!

  3.  Brilliant!!!


    This is a brilliant player for the price and an ideal purchase for Blu-ray newcomers like myself.
    It's even better if you have a Samsung HDTV when you use the Anynet connection via HDMI for much better compatibility.
    The picture and sound quality is outstanding with Blu-ray DVDs and the up-scaling for standard DVDs seems slightly better than my Sony DVP-NS76 upscaler. Maybe this is down to the Anynet compatibility with Samsung equipment.

    Please be aware that there is a new firmware update now available for this model. The best way to do this is by hooking up the player to the internet via the Ethernet connection. Please be patient when doing this, it will take about an hour to complete.
    Also make sure you reset the machine after the update install by holding down the Fast Forward button on the front of the unit for a few seconds while the unit is switched on, then follow the on screen prompt, you will then just have to adjust your settings back to how you had them before the update.
    The update fixes a lot of the playback issues reported with some recent Blu-ray titles, notably the Spider-Man Trilogy.

  4.  Pointless Remake


    Yet another pointless waste of time re-make of a classic horror movie that does not need to be remade in the first place.

    Good start, but the rest of the movie is basically a scene-by-scene copy of the original but with different actors and locations.
    There are the occasional scares to be had with the dream sequences which are quite good and did make me jump.

    Most of the actors are either miscast (the cute and lovely Mia Farrow is nowhere near as menacing and creey as Billie Whitelaw) or boring and emotionless, and you just do not care for the characters, although David Thewlis (the photographer) and Pete Postlethwaite (the Priest) both put in a good performance.

    This effort is purely a cash-in on the fact that it was the 30th anniversary of the original and hyped up because of it's release date which was on 06.06.2006 (666).

    Don't bother with this unless you get The Omen Pentology boxset which includes all the original movies and the remake.