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  1.  CKY at there best.


    My opinion on the latest cky album ( not including the bonus tracks).

    Hellions on parade - the 3rd song in the hellview trilogy is the perfect album opener, great riff, awesome vocals, classic cky. 10/10.
    ...And she never returned - great song, about a girl who goes missing in carver city, a seaside town with a nice look and a lot of dark secrets. 10/10
    Rats in the infirmary - gunna be really good live, another gem. 10/10.
    Imaginary threats - on the first couple of listens i wasn't feeling it, but after 5 - 6 plays i got into it. 8/10
    The boardwalk body - is the body the girl who never returned ? Most likely. Great song. 9/10
    Plauged by images- my fave on the album. Sounds like a dark twisted nirvana song. 10/10
    Karma works - not the most memorable song, but pretty good. 7/10
    Woe is me - not one of the best cky songs but good. 7/10
    A#1 roller rager - awesome song, the video is great, vocals are supurb. Love it. 10/10
    Old carver's bones - think dillinger escape plan and you'll totaly get this really intresting CKY song. My 2nd fave. 10/10
    The era of an end - keeping cky tradition by closing the album with a slow song, this is the perfect ending to a perfect album. 10/10

  2.  different


    slipknot are back with a bang.
    now, what i love about slipknot is this: they now have 4 studio albums (excluding mate.feed.kill.repeat.) and each one sounds completely different. on every album there is something for everyone, and all hope is gone is no different. there's the thrashy fast metal song, the brutal, crushing classic slipknot song, the hard rock song, and even a odd soft, slow one.
    my favorite tracks are: sulphur, vendetta, this cold black and butchers hook.
    if you are a slipknot fan: buy this.
    if you medium like slipknot: buy this.
    if you've just heard of them: buy all there albums.

  3.  best cky album


    this is basically the soundtrack to the cky 1 dvd.
    which is great by the way.
    these songs will make you feel like jumping around or walk down the street at a happy tempo.
    well worth the money.

  4.  yes yes yes


    buy it buy it buy it lol
    but seriuosly, buy it.
    what a game
    and with an amazing song list guitar hero 3 is well worth the price.
    my fave songs to play are before i forget, stricken and lay down.
    also, xbox live battle are amazing.
    again i say....
    buy it lol

  5.  love the boosh


    oh yeah.
    i absolutely love the boosh
    defs buy this box set.the funniest thing you'll ever see.

    with some wiked bonus features including "sweet" a short sketch staring feilding and barrat as pete sweet and stitch (wich is uber funny) this box set is the ultimate thing for any comedy fan.
    a must buy.
    i'm ooooold greg mother licker

  6.  love it


    i genrally love this game.
    i just think the whole idea of being an assassin is so cool.
    the graphics and gameplay are amazing.
    the interaction with the genral public is prety incredible aswel.
    o.k, so the missions can get a bit repetitive, but that dosen't really make much difference.
    buy it.
    you won't regret it.

  7.  best of the crue


    whey hey.
    i love this best of... album.
    defs buy it.
    motley crue have attitude, stlye and songs that have stood the test of time.

  8.  amazing


    i loved this album.
    my fave songs are: "a little piece of heaven", "afterlife" and "brompton cocktail".
    defs buy this album.

  9.  i love lamp


    and i love this films.
    its just so funny.
    like the scene with the dog and the bridge.
    i just wasn't ready for it and burst out laughing and couldn't stop lol.
    defs buy this film.

  10.  love it


    man i love this game
    the best bit about it for me is the destructable track. some games claim to have destructable tracks, wich they do , but then on the next lap everything has been fixed. well that don't happen on flatout. if you knock over a singpost then you can expect to see it still knocked over on the next lap.
    buy this game