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  1.  The Best X=Box EVER !


    This console, this is probably the best looking Xbox console to date with not only it looking the part but also sounding like it was created by some futuristic Alien race. Essentially you have the normal Xbox console but featuring a special 320GB HDD. You get two Halo inspired wireless controllers featuring the "transforming d-pad" and newly improved thumb sticks. Also included is as usual a wired headset which can be used on the left or right side of your head because the microphone arm swings both ways, included on the headset is volume control along with a mute button. The console is very quiet and even quieter if you install the games on the hard drive, the machine also feels well made and the touch sensitive buttons on the front add a touch of class. This is a limited edition console, millions have probably been produced of the Normal X-Box, but don't you want a taste of the executive Xbox? Yes You DO!

  2.  Best Rambo Yet ?


    This Film is Full of Action and is Stallone at his Bext. He is Not trying to play a Young Freedom Fighter but an Aging Vet who is Very Tired of Life. Due to circumstances he is put in a position where he had to revive his killing skills. Forget the so called political points about Burma as in reality this could be about any country with a Military Junta.

    So thie film shows some real interesting Camera Work, very Subtle indeed, the scenes flow easily from one to the other and it is clear that Stallone has had his hand on the Camera. Some of it is quite inventive and makes what other would be a rather Bland Film.

    Also Stallone's preformance as the Aging Vet is Moody and Believeable. When he does get into Action he is at his best and shows to all that Stallone is still able to Kill the Bad Guys with the best of them.

  3.  A Fall of Moondust


    I remember reading this book in the 1960's. I was fascinated by the story line and the descriptive powers of Arthur C. Clarke was astounding. This is a Must buy for all Arthur C. Clarke Fans. Although, now since we know more about the moon, it will seem dated, I am sure it will be a great listen in its own right.

  4.  His Dark Materials, (The Golden Compass


    If this Film is only 10% as good as the Book then it will be one of the best film this year.

    Philip Pullman is a master in the telling of Tales and this set of Books are quite the best I have ever read.

    I also have the complete unabridged Audio Book and this was even better than the Books themselves.

    I can not wait until I can buy this DVD and I will be one of the first to order.