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  1.  To the PC version!


    Mediocre. Linear. Irritatingly full of little glitches. Buy the PC version. 'Nuff said.

  2.  Here's being honest...


    A good game but repetitive, The story mode is great but lacking depth. The inclusion of virtually every great Nintendo character you can think of is good, but with virtually only 20 of the 40 characters being any good (Sonic was a huge dissapointment. Only 3 attacks? What the hell?!) It's limited. The entire game feels very...dated. We've all smashed targets and beaten multi-men half to death before. We've all sent our mates flying a million miles off the stage with a hammer twice the size of our virtual little bodies. And we've all knocked a sandbag senseless across a stadium. This is a very old game. Why? Because it's Melee with a few Bells and Whistles. Don't get me wrong, A great game. And the inclusion of a level maker (Albeit a very mediocre one) is a nice touch. But the whole game feels very dated and cliche.

  3.  Good but...


    Okay, finally Mario and Sonic are going at it, although if that's what your after... *coughs* Smash Brawl *coughs*... A good game for multiplayer but not as easy to control as other sports games on Wii. The single player mode is decent but doesnt offer anything other than repeatedly trying to beat highscores on events. Good but not great.

  4.  Brilliant arcade game!


    This is a truly great game for parties! The inclusion of being Wii Zapper compatible makes it great fun. The multiplayer on this is good but the single-player mode is lacking slightly. Perfect for a lads night in. Just like spending a night at an arcade! Except without the loss of £20s worth of pound coins...

  5.  Charming.


    This is a beautiful game, beautifully presented. Captures you from start to finish. The idea is to get your little spirits from one end of the level to the other, in a bubble. Sounds easy, right? Erm...No. Throw in the options to inflate, deflate and cut ur bubble in to seperate smaller bubbles, and you suddenly have a frustrating yet enjoyable puzzle game. If you want something completely unique, this is for you. The only issue with it is losing a spirit. It's heartbreaking. And when you get stuck....This is close to Super Mario Bros. Frustrating-wise. But the sense of achivement is immense. Buy this game!

  6.  A new "friends" fan!


    This is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time at an incredible price. Not only is it a bargain it's an investment in 8 and a half hours of pure laughter, especially the episode: "the one with the stoned guy". The scene where Chandler walks in on Ross and Joey is pure class! No idea what I'm talking about? Buy this item and find out!