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  1.  Good but flawed


    This game is a good game. Not quite as good as Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 on Playstation 3 but that was to be expected. However this game does have its flaws.

    Because this game was a release title for the PS Vita it was always going to show off every feature that the vita has. That's fine but sometimes it's annoying and unnecessary. The touchscreen is used for charcoal rubbings which are collectibles in the game and it works for that but the touch screen is also used in fight scenes where you have to drag your finger in the same direction as an arrow and it gets boring very quickly. You have to use the tilt feature in the game which is fine, however it is boring and unnecessary when you have to do it every time you cross a plank of wood. You also have to used the rear touch pad sometimes but what annoyed me the most was when the game requires you to hold the camera up to a bright light. It only happens once but it's unnecessary and annoying as you can't skip it.

    Good features include a good story which is quite long, great graphics for a handheld console and the usual good game play features we have come to expect from the Uncharted series. It is worth buying but be prepared to get annoyed a few times.

  2.  Very good


    I had my first controller (the same as this one) for about 19 months, and it is a good controller. The only problem with it is how light and easily broke this controller gets. However it will only brake if you mash the buttons too hard or slam it on the floor in a belt of rage. If you dont do anything like that it is a good little controller and a lot better than any madcatz controllers. Buy this or the sony dualshock 3. Both have the best design, but the dualshock 3 is just a bit more durable and heavier.

  3.  A step backwards


    This game has not got much better than 2008. Sure there is a new TV mode but it doesnt really help its just poor.

    The way the team plays and follows your instructions is bad and gets you angry when almost every goal you score is disallowed. Another problem is how much of your players get sent off, im averaging 2 red cards per game its shocking.

    The best football manager has to be 2005. 2008 was good but 2009 sucks.

    Do yourself a favour and steer clear of this

  4.  Not so sure


    When ever i play a game i like to follow the story and maybe because i missed F.E.A.R 1 i cant catch up but this story is just horrible. You start off in some wierd place running after a ghost then you fall into a hole and from there i got lost.

    Another problem with this game is graphics. A lot of people have said this games graphics rate 8 or 9 out of 10 but really if you look at other games on the ps3 it rates at about 5 or 6.

    The gameplay is not that good either. Again people have said it rates highly but no it doesn't. I hated playing this game, it seems restricted maybe because of the bad graphics or because your charecter runs so slow either way i hated how the controls felt. Also this game kind of reminds me of Goldeneye rogue agent. Not because i didnt like it and it had bad graphics but because i couldnt follow that story either. I Never knew why i was in a place on any mission on both games and when men appeared they was just cannon fodder. Yes Waste as much ammo as you want you pick up ammunition every nano-second.

    The final problem with this game is the ease. I bought this game for trophies. Studying what trophies there was you needed to complete the game on the hardest difficulty so i stuck it on hard and eased through each mission at the first time of trying..... you tell me that its hard and your a lier. This game only has one good feature and thats the trophies but they aren't much fun to get. Oh yes and this game just isn't scary anybody who thinks it is will probably be scared of themselves

  5.  Not worth 1 star


    I got this phone as a gift of my dad an thought it was great, but one month later i hated it. This phone is poor. The red side panels come off easily an everything else on the phone gets scratched by almost anything. The Screen Is rubbish the camera is worse and the speakers are awful. The music storage is pretty poor aswell. The charger is too small and brakes after 2 months and doesnt work properly any more. also after 3 months of having it the screen decided to have an epic fail and didnt come on for another 2 days

    This phone isnt worth much so dont spend your good money on it.

  6.  Brilliant


    This Game Is fantastic for people interested in world war two. This game isnt just the battle of stalingrad, its the build up aswell. You can fight both as the mighty german 6th army, or the bewildered soviets. The game play is a challenge but is very good. alot of strategy needed. The game is very, very long and will take the best gamer a while to complete it. The graphics are very good an the city buildings are very historical. overall i would say this game is great value and worth buying. If you like this also check out Blitzkrieg. 4 Star From Me

  7.  airborne


    An excellent game. Good graphics, good gameplay, good story. only problem is, its not long enough. a total of six or seven missions is all there is. Although the missions are really long it is a disapointing feature. On each mission there are several points in it where you think the mission is goin to end but it doesnt, sometimes missions go on for too long. Another bad thing is the way in which medal of honor goes over the top, the last mission is stupidly difficult and is pointless. a good game non-the less.

  8.  Complete waste of money


    As you can tell by my rating and the title of this review i did not like the game. First off really bad graphics, these graphics would suit maybe a ps1. Sencond really bad game play, it is limited and movement is slow. Third problem, codemasters have took a good idea and ruined it, if it was another brand it might have been a good game. Finally, this game is not worth the £39.99 i spent on it because it is basically a really bad ps2 not a ps3 game. Do Yourself a favour and dont buy this game. Battle for the pacific is probably better.

  9.  Black Tide


    Fantastic band. Great Album. Brilliant music. All songs on this album are worht listenin to, all songs are more than good. Some Brilliant solos and an excellent lead singer fantastic voice. a must buy

  10.  Madina lake


    Fantastic. Great album, not a bad song on it. That was suprising considering i had only herad one last kiss, house of cards and here i stand when i bought the album. The songs are all great with some super lyrics. Easy to like and a fantastic buy. Well worth the money. Great album, Great band