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  1.  Good, but wasn't this what Wii was MEANT to be like?!


    Indeed, this game is entertaining, however it does lack some form of continuation between levels and activities. The game seems to be like a "lets show off what the Wii remote can do" demo. It;s pleasently entertaining, but it lacks something that makes it feel like a real game.
    Why is Bowling on this game, AGAIN?
    On the plus side, it does keep most family members entertained of ALL ages, and its one of the first games that gets dragged out when mates come round! so it can't be all that bad.

  2.  Good but lots of songs off other dance albums!


    I got given this album for my birthday and it is a very good album, although, one downside is that it has lots of songs on both, disk 2 and 3 that are very regularly featured on lots of other dance Cd's.
    It is such a shame!!

    I would only recommend this CD if you don't own any other dance compilations, if you do, don't bother with it, as it only has a handful of new songs on that isn't featured on every other dance CD produced in the last couple, three years!

  3.  Amusing!


    A great expansion! Shame it wasn't already in the game and that you had to spend extra to get this! It def completes the game and adds a bit more Zing to the game thats already very enjoyable!

  4.  Highly amusing piece!


    I was in hysterics when i seen this novelty item, and i just had to buy it. I have bought it as a prank for a guy i know and it has caused laughs all the way around, both the ladies and the gentlemen seem to adore this piece of errr handy work!

  5.  Fantastic value, fantastic album!


    I bought this album as a spur of the moment buy and I was not disappointed. It has some fantastic classics on the album and all three disks have a great line up of songs that you will adore! Everyone knows the songs on it and it gets you grooving and singing along! In my opinion it is one of the best classic albums i have seen in along time!
    Don't hesitate! Buy it!! :D

  6.  Flys well - looks rubbish.


    I recently bought one of these for an Xmas present for my partner. When it arrived i was rather disappointed. It didn't look very good at all. It was made of polystyrene - which fair enough, makes it easier to fly! But it wasn't just that it looked really poor for the money. It's basically polystyrene with a yellow sticker applied, not even evenly, it was bubbled and put on wrong. It honestly looks like its worth a fiver! The only good bit about this product, is the control box. That itself is good quality.

    I have had a little play with it to make sure it all worked and it flies fine, although you get hardly any time for flight, and you have to leave it a good half hour or so for it to charge for less than a 10 min flight.

    I'm also a tad curious as to why, i ordered a special edition one, and they sent out this one, so now I have two of these, instead of one and a special edition one! GRR! lol

  7.  Lovely!


    I have recently bought two of these for my partner's, brothers sons. I have had a look through them and they are wonderfully illustrated and have some fun looking puzzles in them. They adore Ben 10 and I am looking forward to handing them these. They look really good, especially for the price of £3.99 that I payed for them!!

  8.  Good album - is different than her last one


    This album is well produced with some lovely deep lyrics and melodies. Alot of the songs can be listened to and thought of as depressive and very thoughtful, as such.

    This album has got alot more soul type songs on than her other albums, and only one main poppy, happy song, which is her debute "So What" There are a couple creepy ones such as funhouse! It's a very well put together album, and has obviously taken a lot of hard work and dedication to make this album like it is. Although if you are a traditional pink fan, it takes a little while to get used to the slightly different style.

    I still love her :P

  9.  errrrr....


    Whats the point in this storyline... It's just taken ideas from others and stuck them together... Why wouldn't want it for a fiver let alone a tenner!
    It doesn't fit together...



    This is one of the most enjoyable games i have bought for the ds. It can be quite hard going on your wrist at times, but it keeps you wanting to play it more and more! Fantastic price (best i have seen around) and enjoyable for the little-uns right up to the big-uns. Hehe.

    A must buy!