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  1.  Excellent :)


    Regardless if you're a fan of the series already or a newcomer, you can guarentee that this game will take your fancy. I got this game for christmas and have hardly been off it.

    I can understand why some people wouldn't take to it, as the graphics look childish and the plot of the game sounds rubbish when you first hear it, but when you play it it is really, really good!

    Just make sure you have enough time to play on this game - it'll consume you!

    Hope this helps :)

  2.  If you don't buy this game, you shouldn't own a wii.


    This game is great! I bought it the day it came out and I'm still playing it!

    I'll tell you why it's the best game on wii :

    -Wii Wheel (New accessory)
    -Online racing! (So much fun and building up your score is really addictive)
    -New tracks, Karts and BIKES!
    -Mii Support! race as yourself!
    -Play with wii remote, nunchuk, classic controller and GC controller.
    -Go online and race against the world, not to mention the competitions and ghost races you can go on.
    -4 players at once or 2 on Nintendo WFC.

    There are absolutely no negative comments about this game at all that I can write - and I'm not just saying it.

    Put simply: If you don't buy this game, you shouldn't own a wii.

    Buy it! :) hope this helped!

  3.  Very good.


    I'm not going to say it's amazing, alothough It is a very good game, because I have experienced problems with the online bit. but first i'll talk about he actual gmae:

    - Wii is a great shooter and kiling the germans is great and it feels like your holding a gun.
    - Combined with the Wii Zapper makes it even better.
    - Although there aren't alot of levels (7 or 8) you can replay them again to try and boost your score or go on Arcade mode where it's easier for new comers.


    - Online gaming is fantastic, IF you can actaully conect to it. My Wii is online perfect, but still I kept getting this annoying message: "You have been disconneted from the Network", which really infuriated me, as when i tried 2-3 more times i could get into the matches no problem.
    - It kicked me out halfway through the match, but havibg said that, it may just be my router, or it could be a fault with EA.

    other than that it really is a great shooter, like Call of Duty 3, but adds online to create a better experience and more action!

    :D 4 stars!

  4.  Ok. But not great...


    Firstly can i say that this game is FUN....for parties.

    You can easily get bored with it after a while and at times it's FAR too hard for any person with the normal amount of fingers or who haven't become an expert at it yet.

    The best i can do is medium.

    Here are some other features:

    -Online gaming: You can go online and play the songs against other people, but thats all it really is....
    -New guitar look- the new guitar is really nice looking and its smaller!
    -SOME! cool songs, but most are a letdown.

    Another thing about the online, is that when you win, nothing really happens, so it's basically like playing with someone else beside you, only it lags alot.

    Guitar Hero 3 is a good game, there's no doubt about it, but its way too hard for new people and frankly, it just gets boring after a while and you'll probably never play on it again until a party or something.

    This review may seem down and dull, but i hate it when people go on about how great a game is and then you waste money on something thats a big letdown.

    :) Thanks for reading!

  5.  Not that great.


    Ok, to keep it short:

    The Good:
    - Hogwarts is great! you can literally go anywhere!
    - Using the Wii remote and nunchuk is really cool casting spells and manovuring is fun
    - Mini games are available like wizard chess which are fun.
    - You can attack fellow students and have duals which are great fun xD

    The BAD:
    - The stroyline is good but far too short really.
    - You will get bored runing around the castle all the time to do all the tasks
    - The "Occlumency" bit is so wierd and you have to simply direct the wii remote near and area of the screen to win. You later do this with voldemort too. This is really quite rubbish.
    - you dont get to fly on broomsticks apart from once when you are fred and george but even then you dont control the flight.

    Overall, an OK game, but not worth £30. I wouldnt recommend this game to anyone, at least not on wii.

    Hope you found this useful!

  6.  Not as good as I thought it would be


    The Good:
    - Graphics are ok.
    - Black suit is really good when your fighting, and it makes your attacks stronger.
    - Swinging is good with the Wii remote.

    The Bad:
    - Swinging doesn't go as fast as spiderman 2.
    - The storyline is far too short and you could probably complete it in a weekend.
    - Swinging is harder and you seem to be going down rather than up.
    - Sounds aren't that great, web zip sounds like a gun firing.
    - As soon as Venom comes into the game its right at the end and you have to kill him.
    - the gangs of new york aren't as good, (In spiderman 2 the crime would just appear, it doesn't on this) you actually have to go and talk the a guy and he gives you the mission which gets boring.

    In all, a fun storyline, but too short and the crime fighting could be better because waving the Wii remote around can get tiring.