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  1.  Wonderful


    A classic. Full of witty dialogue and brilliantly filmed, this is Tarantino's first and best film. A great cast and a unique soundtrack add to the atmosphere.

  2.  Lots of fun but still basically a platform game


    The Simpsons Game is not a revolutionary title but is involving, funny and a great time filler. It is still a variation on a standard platformer but how many new formats of game really appear on the market?

  3.  Almost as good as the original


    Whilst certainly more lavish and star studded, thi doesn't quite match up to the original. It does miss out certain key events but is very engaging nonetheless.

  4.  Welcome back


    Nice to see Devil May Cry available for the next generation systems. The graphics have been given a strong overhaul although the play system remains the same. I would have personally preferred the 'stop and shoot' approach from RE4 but anyway...

  5.  Dated but fun


    An early story from the archives which may be a little stilted but is full of interest.

    The stripped down storyline is full of incident and thankfully free of the relentless self consciously ironic "Buffy" style comedy which has spolied the recent revival of Dr Who.

    No embarrassing references to Albert Square, JK Rowling or Back To The Future - just straight sci-fi with intelligence and tension. A welcome release.

  6.  Fascinating study of mob life


    A surprisingly interesting & enlightening take on the criminal underworld. Well written & compelling.

  7.  Tedious and pointless waste of time


    This is the story of a wealthy man who spends his life living off his relatives and then decides to write a book about being a homeless addict.

    It is difficult to convey the childish tedium that follows. Endless pages of incoherent nonsense and dreary stories which seem to go on forever.

    Spare yourselves. A complete waste of your time.

  8.  Lots of fun


    As good as you may have remembered it, this series has dated very little. Worth buying for the Julie Walters waitress sketch alone. Wonderful.

  9.  Classic comedy


    This is a truly great if often overlooked classic. James Stewart at his best in a timeless romantic comedy. Hopefully it won't be long before the Region 2 version is available. Endlessly rewatchable.

  10.  Simple but incredibly addictive


    This is a truly great puzzle game - a surprising rarity for the DS. Making excellent use of the touch screen, it is both very simple but is almost impossible to put down.

    Each level is subtly different from the the last and the fruit machine sections add an element of chance to an already superb game. Fast and fun.