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  1.  Scream 3


    Scream is back and it is better than ever.
    with the entertaining but slightley dull 2nd one the 3rd had to be good and i can say it was.
    this time sidney is in hiding and people around her start to die on the set of the movie "Stab 3"
    the script is has stylish and polished has the original and when the chills and scares are reduced in this one but with the story and clever acting replacing that gives a whole new scream.

  2.  Scream 2


    When the first scream became a smash hit, the sequel was unavoidable.
    Scream 2 isnt has good has the first the twists and plot turns are sitll there though and still keeping the "Who dun it" Concept, the masked killer is back to kill sidney.
    with little grasp on the first film it's hard not to notice that there trying to better the first one will little success.
    still keeping the scares and twists it's an enjoyable sequel and something to keep you entertained for a hour or two.

  3.  Scary Movie


    One of the most funniest Horror/comedys i have seen, the films fakes the scream plot and characters forming cindy campbell and her funky friends who seem to be caught up in the web of a killer.
    right first thing is firts, this film is really funny like the bananna scene the Piano/grandma scene and the doofy scenes, this film pokes fun of "i know what you did last summer" "Scream" "Blair witch project" and many more, a must have for any comedy.horror fan.

  4.  The Grudge


    I Have to agree this film is brilliant not on the line with The ring but it stands perfectley on it's own has a very good horror movie.
    this film is creepy and suspenseful and has all the right tone, sarah michelle gellar is wonderful but it's hard not to compare her to naomi watts character in the ring.
    all in all this film has a good story enough chills and spills to keep you intrested.

  5.  The Ring


    I Had never seen the original "Ring" so i cant say how this compares to that one but this one i like, the story evolves around a mysterious tape that when you watch it you get a phone call and you die in 7 days.
    this film to me stands on it's own by telling a fasinating creepy intresting story while keeping all the right suspensful moments in the film.
    I have to admit i watched this film and i was totally conpelled by it, with hitchcok like tones and carpenter like scenes this film really pushes the horor genre to a whole new level.
    if you want a film packed with gore then this isnt for you, this is subtle horror good old fashioned Horror.
    a must have.

  6.  Scream


    Scream in my opinion redefined the Horror genre like Friday and halloween did for the horror genre.
    in the earley 1990's horror films where getting dull and the director's relied on gor to pull in filmgoers rather than good old fashioned suspense and a decent story.
    Scream had both and had a new concept of the "Who Did It" Concept which totalley redefened the genre.
    Directed by wes craven this film had to be good and with no doubt it is.
    the film carries a decent plot and great suspenseful scenes.
    all in all a very good first entry into the series.

  7.  A Nightmare On Elm Street SE


    The first and the best of the series. This introduces us to a man named freddy who used to be a child killer who was burned and killed, he vowed revenge and he used the kid's fear to access there dreams to torture and kill the kids of the parents who killed him.
    Freddy appeared 4 years after the friday the 13th series began and 6 after Halloween.
    freddy isnt like the other ones he isnt mute he talks and that is more frightning.
    if you have to only pick up one this is the one to go for.
    With a new extras added and a crips digitally restored film and a nic DTS ex transfer this Disc is a must have to any horror or film fan.

  8.  A Nightmare On Elm Street 1-7


    The first one introduces us to the maniacal child killer freddy krueger aka "Pizza face"
    Freddy's distinctive mark is his "glove" which has a razor on each finger and is very deadley.
    In the first one freddy was scary beyond belief his sarcastic tone was hardley seen and was just plain evil
    In the second one everyone excpected the same interpritation in which he had been in the first one, instead his sarcatic humour was raised up and he just wansnt the man in your dreams anymore.
    the sequels 6 sequels into and you get the feeling it's more funny and less scary.
    there a a few scary stuff though in the sequel's like The backstory of freddy's mother amanda who appear's int the second and fourth film.
    The deaths are inventive ie: death by Videogame, Tv, syrianges, skeleton, comics and so on....
    this is one hell of a series and not pushing to much with the gore it seem's a fairley decent box set.
    a must have for any horror fan.
    sleep tight...

  9.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003


    The Original Texas chainsaw massacre was a classic horror film and i didnt think that a remake could be has good infact this remake is very enjoyable and offers something new to the viewer.
    Now the gritty down and dirty look op the original is not seen in this one. this film is more polished stylish
    it wont scare you if you have seen the original but it will shock you and give you bumbs.
    a great remake and worth multipal watches.

  10.  Jason Goes To Hell Friday The 13th Pt 9 The Final Friday


    Infact this has to be the worst Friday the 13th film i have seen worser than part 8. Jason is killed... and takes over a body of a corener and then some more people..
    in reality that is going a step to far and even though it states it's the final friday why is there jason x and Freddy vs jason? LOL
    i have to admit seeing Jason on the screen again is enjoyable but nothing i havnt seen before.
    a boring sequel which should just stay in hell.....