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  1.  100% better than c&c


    yes this is the dogs the mother of all battles ive played the demo to death by far better than c&c oh yes baby bring it on

  2.  golfing just got cool


    what a game good fun great game play.. great for kids and the big kids in all of us 10/10

  3.  get a refund


    what a waste of money boring and dull very poor turned it of after about 5 mins took it back to the shop then said sorry to me ps3 for playing it

  4.  not what it says on the tin


    when i saw the review and some snap shots it thought dame I've got to get this get the medieval butt kicking on the go. but its not what me your any of my game loving friends thought it was its is good don't get me wrong its got the WOW factor but come on ubisoft even the box sleeve is misleading when you keep moving back and forward in time its annoying and pointless sorry ubisoft 8/10

  5.  360 version is not better


    i also have played both 360 and ps3 version and i have to say ps3 wins hands down sharper graphics quicker loading time. all round better to the 360 even better with a hd ready tv 10/10 gravy

  6.  sega need to get with the times


    what aloud of rubbish this game is. Sega need to get with the times bring some fire into this game they have miss A perfect opportunity to make this game great. but no never mind not a game i will be buying any time soon 0/10

  7.  great


    what a gore fest the demo looks great abit hard but fun to play 10/10 smoking

  8.  let slip the dogs of war


    what a game played the demo and i must say I'm well hooked. great game play and graphics a must for your game collection. 10/10

  9.  boring and hard to play


    even in rookie mode it is to hard to master the controls even in the three click mode you have to be so quick its a joke. graphics great love the put your own face on the game but thats about it 3/10

  10. Conan



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     good game if you have some time to kill


    overall not a bad game can sometimes be a bit slow and boring but the fight moves are good lots of gore 8/10