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  1.  a-Ha - The End of Great Band


    a-Ha never got the credit they deserved during their long and successful career. They have written many memorable songs (not just Take on Me). I went to see their concert at the BIC in Bournemouth, it was excellent and this DVD captures the moment brilliantly (although this recording is the last show in Oslo). Great picture, Great sound and Great songs - what more do you want ?

    a-Ha Enjoy your retirement but let's hope you do an Elton and come back !

  2.  Tronzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    I agree with Moosehead that it is not worth buying the 3D version. The first 15 mins is in 2D and after that it's nothing special. Thin plot, shallow acting (the animated Jeff Bridges is hilarious), I found it all a bit of a bore, which is a shame because as a kid I loved the original. If this is the first of several films, lets hope they get better. The music was good ( just get the CD hear it) !

  3.  Nothing Original Here


    OK so she has a good voice but this is just a bunch Xmas themed songs/carols which is aimed to hit the Xmas market. You wouldn't play this in September would you - Do something original Susan. 2 stars as Perfect Day is very nice !

  4.  It's in Belgium !


    I love this film and have seen it several times. In fact it made me go and visit the City which is the backdrop to the film. The dialogue between Ken & Ray is extremely funny and very moving. Ralph Fiennes character Harry is very reminiscent of Ben Kingsley's in Sexy Beast. Definitely a character you don't want to cross ! Funny, violent, tragic, well acted and yes there is lots of swearing (I didn't realise there was so much until I watched the special feature ***k Bruge) you have been warned.
    At Play.coms bargain price definitely one for the collection.

  5.  Watch the Watchmen


    I haven't read the comic or the graphic novel (whatever) but I enjoyed this very much. It is not your average Batman and Robin marvel adaptation but is very gritty, looks stunning and some very graphic fight scenes. All the characters are interesting with lots of flash backs to explain their background. Be warned some scenes are gut churning but is definately worth 'Watchin'.

    Good value Blue Ray disk - with movie, Extras disk + digital copy.

  6.  Donnie Duffer!


    I was prepared to give this straight to DVD every chance but I have to report, it's not very good. Boring characters, poor acting, confusing plot (more so than Donnie D) and no decent sountrack. It has it's moments and the Donnie D references seem to be thrown in towards the end of the film to justify the film's title.

    Will probably sit through it again in the hope I just misunderstood it or jump into one of those wormholes and pretend it never happened !

  7.  Album of the Year


    There is not a bad track on this album (unusual these days!) and some great festival songs. Can't wait to see them play live. Underdog, Fire, Vlad the Impaler and Thick as Thieves are the stand out tracks for me. New look and a slight change of direction make this the best album I have heard this year, by far.

  8.  Rouke Rocks !


    After all the hype a gave this a go and was slightly disappointed. OK so Rouke rocks as the washed up Wrestler and the Wrestling scenes are gritty and realistic. It's the story that left me cold as it's nothing I haven't seen before in a Rocky movie (Boxing/Wrestling they all get smashed, mixed up love interest, one last chance etc). Worth a look for Rouke's performance alone.

  9.  And the Winner is.....


    All I can say is that Kate Winslet must be awsum in The Reaper as Jolie is pretty amazing in this. I have only ever seen AJ in 'action' movies (wanted, Tomb Raider etc) and in this movie she proves she can act. I didn't know anything about the plot before I watched it, but found the movie to be a good fast paced drama, that is never boring. Clint Eastwood captures the Los Angeles period perfectly and there are a few shocking moments that make you think 'how did that happen'.

    All in all a very good film, only minus point for me was that it looked nothing special on BluRay and there are no notable special features, to make it worth the extra cost. I would settle for a normal copy and just enjoy a great movie.

  10.  What a disappointment !


    I was really looking forward to this and having watched it, I was hugely disappointed. Perhaps it'sme but I didn't 'laugh out loud' at all, in fact struggled to sit through it. Ben Stiller is..well..Ben Stiller, Jack Black was so OTT and RDJ was incomprehensible at times.

    I liked the trailers and spin on 'Platoon' at the start but after that it dragged on and on..I wouldn't buy this, maybe worth renting. Looks Good on Blue Ray.