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  1.  Great & On Region 2 Aswell


    Iv been waiting along time for this to finally come out on region two DVD, and now that time has finally come its great to have the full concert aswell as a jam packed package full of extras that will surely entertain any Stephen Lynch fan and surely any comedy fan.

    Lynch's harmonic and choir boy like tones lull into a false sense of security, quickly followed by his devilish lyrics and masterfull comecic skills. This DVD is definately a must buy.

    Also to answer the previous reviews question, yes those songs are on the DVD, however 'Special Olympics' is an easter egg, you just need to find it on the internet, but that should be no worries.

  2.  Funny With Heart


    Firstly i must state that i feel the previous reviews for this film are very harsh however i do respect other peoples opinions. I think that this film not only shows the once again hilarious side of Smith but his capability to write a heart warming story aswell.

    I know people prejudice this film as soon as they hear that its about a lesbian getting 'turned' so to speak. But this goes further than that and doesnt have the expected ending.

    Just a warning that if people are expecting a Jay & Silent Bob filled film they will be dissapointed but any Smtih fans who somehow havent seen this yet must buy it.

  3.  Great Success


    There is always a danger when putting out a special DVD that the watcher will be dissappointed as they feel they've been con'ed out of money as if offers little that the original DVD offered.

    Clerks X foes not suffer from this as Kevin Smith and Co. provide a 3 Disc edition filled to the brim with features that must be deemed a must watch for any 'ViewAskew' fan.

    A special mention must be put out on my behalf to the inspiring documentary 'The Snowball Effect' which offers a great insight to all Smith put into getting Clerks out into the world over 10 years ago from a remote location in Jersey. It must be watched to appreciate what he put on the line.

    I cant write this review without of course a brief mention of the brilliance of 'Clerks' itself. The film that set the 'ViewAskewniverse' jouney off.

  4.  Greatest Album Of All Time?


    I know im a chili fanatic but i must say to find a double album where every song in my opinion is worthy of release is something to behold.

    You really do need to buy this album to find out how truly well the RHCP have changed and adapted to the modern times without losing there edge that gives them that something bit more. After 25 years of being in existance that also is something that is almost unheard of.

    I think you'll struggle to find a sound minded indivdual who would give this album anything less than a 5 star rating.

  5.  Top Quality Chili Peppers As Usual


    Firstly let we warn you of my complete bias for the RHCP, I absolutely love them and along with the Foo Fighters I believe them to be the greatest musical act of any kind walking this fine Earth of ours.

    So thats out the way, I must say i think the RHCP get this album right in every single way and the variation they give is truly immense from songs such as 'Suck My Kiss' to 'Breaking The Girl'.

    I would most definately recomend that you add this CD to your collection, having said this i still think that 'Stadium Arcadium' is the best album of all time as there is not one song i think lacks quality in that album, but you can read my review on that eif you wish.

    I told you i was biased.

  6.  Great & Easy To Read


    This book is ideal if you find it hard to sit down and commit to reading a book cover to cover. The reasons for this being each chapter if you can call them that are short and simple to understand as you need not be a Kevin Smith enthusiast to follow this his series of colums in 'Arena Magazine'.

    My favourites in particular are the two interviews with Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise each slightly longer chapters. Aswell as the beginning when he goes through the interviews taken place in the run up to J&SBSB.

    The thing that added a slight weird feeling to this read was the Jersey Girl account of the story as i was reading this after the failure of his film, that unfortunately he seemed rather hopeful of and proud to be a part of.

    Overall a good read.

  7.  Me & My Shadow = Inspiring & Deeply Moving


    Even if you are not keen about the prospect of reading Kevin Smiths entire diary then the book is still worth buying due to the 'Candid' story about Mewes addictions and how he overcomes this. after reading this i felt extremely moved as to what Kevin & his family had to get over (of course including Mewes as family)

    Having said this the rest of the book is well worth reading as it gives a great insight to the workings of Hollwood, film and generally his life.

    Great book, both are worth buying if you like KS

  8.  Most Probably Awesome As Usual


    Having bought 'Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams' and quite simply fell in love with its relaxing tones I rushed out to buy his previously released material which also lived upto my expectations.

    As the previous review says I saw some of the songs from this album off the BBC's interactive menu, and surely enough was impressed yet again.

    If your a fan of being relaxed (who isnt?) then you'll most probably love this album. Cant Wait!

  9.  Top Quality


    It is really nice to see a band that does not ty to blow throw an acoustical set by belting out there classics. It must be understood that Nirvana who were already hugely popular at the time needed not to take this risk but did anyway with a very high reward.

    As you would expect Kurt's volcals are extremely good and the close intimate nature of the gig makes it seem more personal almost as if there playing just to you, and you seem awfully aware that they are creating something special.

    If your a Nirvana fan or just a fan of this kind of music then i think you know that you'll like it.

  10.  Very Funny, Top Quality


    Not sure as to weather this is the lat installment of the 'Rush Hour' franchise, but if so it is definately very good.

    I believe that this film concentrates more on the comedy than the completely believable story lines, but due to the fantastic contrast between Chan & Tucker, the awesome comdey more than makes up for it.

    If you liked the first two then you'll like this one.