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  1.  Drink up me hearty yo ho!!!


    One of the best trilogies ever made .....by disney.

    CotBP gets you hooked from the start with the Johnny depps witty performance of the notorious Cptn Jack sparrow, the memorable soundtrack which you will be humming to yourself for atleast a few weeks and finally the setpieces for every fight sequence, which the music goes along to quite perfectly.

    For DmC everything gets turned up a notch, Johnny depp still stands out from the rest of the stars but with the addition of Bill nighy as Davey jones the 1/2 crab, 1/2 octopus collector of souls, more effects are used in this outing but it's still just as good as the 1st one but in my opinion it's the best of the 3.

    Unfortunately AwE couldnt live up to its predecessors mainly because it can't keep you entertained enough sit through its 2hr40mins running time, as you would expect the acting, set pieces and cgi are top notch but the plot will probably keep confusing you with its many twists and turns (davey jones' locker really messed with my head a bit along with the calypso arc) but they are little nit picks and they shouldnt stop buying this trilogy which should be a part of any dvd/blu ray collection.

    1.Dead man's chest
    2.Curse of the black pearl
    3.At world's end

  2.  CGI fest and nothing else.


    As you would expect from roland emmerich its another disaster movie that revolves around americans coming to the rescue for human kind. The CGI is some of the best that you will ever see but it falls just behind avatar, The plot is a bit bland and even though the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket it seems as though the main characters are being CHASED by mother nature, just watch it when they are escaping in the limo and you'll understand.

    A perfect film to test your HI-DEF set up but not one to watch for the plot.

  3.  what'cha gonna do!!!


    The best cop buddy film ever made, martin lawrence and will smith were made for these roles, its funny, its fast + action packed and has one of the best opening soundtracks ever made.

  4.  Best phone EVER!!!!


    Easily the best phone ever made, just picked mine up from phone network shop, unboxed it and within minutes it was ready to go apps an all.

    As you can expect from apple the build quality is excellent very tough especially the back cover Which isn't made of a easily scratchable metal, the camera even though it's only a 3.0mg is very clear and theirs no delay on the screen also if you record videos you can edit them and send them directly to YouTube from the phone itself no additional programs/apps needed. Speaking of apps you have complete access to the AppStore with thousands of apps at your disposal catering to every social networking or gaming craving you may have.

    A definite must buy for apple fans who have money to burn.

  5.  wheres my strawberry tart!!!


    Awesome film loved the first one loved this one even more, theres no point in it having a plot, the whole film is just one big rollercoaster ride, tons of action mixed with adult humour you cant go wrong with it BUY NOW!!!!

  6.  Join the RED FACTION!


    After playing the first red faction it was definate that i was going to get this. As you would expect you can destroy whatever you want (except for the environment) but thats not a bad thing because now you can destroy whole buildings in spectacular style either with explosives, vehicles(my personal favourite) or your trusty sledgehammer. Another change to the series is that you are now free to roam a pretty vast area of mars and how would you get around i hear you ask, by using vehicles of course albeit they are easy to flip and are pretty slow its better than walking. The only bad thing about this game is the story its not as gripping as the first one, you just forget about the story and blow up more buildings. neglecting the fact that this game has a weak story its a definate must buy for destructive gamers so go out , buy it and join the faction, the red faction that is.

  7.  how the mighty have FALLEN


    After going to see the film in the pictures (review coming soon) i was blown away by all the action, explosions, hotness (all down to the Fox) and of course the over the top fighting sequences between the cgi jugganauts the autobots and decepticons, and i thought id like a piece of the action by buying the game but as is the case with many movie games it was utterly terrible..let me explain.

    first of all the graphics are dreadfull it looks like you are playing a ps2 game ON A PS3 and granted their are more robots to play as in this game each one looks as bad as each other, the environments are pretty big but they lack detail and substance i mean your playing as a huge ass kicking robot but you can't damage buildings. speaking of ass kicking yes you can do combos but their is only one button combo SQAURE-SQUARE-SQUARE and thats it no grapples which is pretty stupid as they feature pretty heavily in the film, the rest of the time your either running / driving / flying away which is boring and not exactly fun, but sadly that is the case for the boss fights where all you do is avoid a constant barrage of rockets coming from their back not even a button contextive action to finish them off, the only slightly redeeming feature of this game is the multiplayer which is more fun than the campaign especially the deathmatches where everyone just piles in and tear each other to shreds.

    This game is a prime example of why game developers should stop making lackluster movie games just to make a quick profit from the film, they should spend longer than 9 months making a game to release like eidos who didnt make a dark knight game instead they making BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM which looks stunning and its not even finished. Basically go and see the film it looks a million times better and you'll enjoy it a million times more.

  8.  Great show, Great T-Shirt!!!!


    I've been hooked on prison break since episode 1 and ive not missed an episode i even bought season 1-3 from play last month, ive been looking for some merchandise for ages now and thanks to play.com ive got this T-Shirt the seal looks great on the shoulder, the overall quality of the shirt is top notch i recommend any prison break fan to get this shirt at £8 its a bargain if only they still sold the shirt with micheals tattoo on.

  9.  not worth £40


    After pro street being so dissapointing i was hoping undercover would bring the Nfs franchise back to greatness but it was shortlived, yes you can have police chases again but nowhere near as good as Most wanted, the story is rather farfetched and boring and the game is stupidly easy you could complete it within the day of purchase.

    Altogether need for speed undercover is another dreary and unfufilling title in the Nfs franchise my advice is to stay away or wait for it to drop in price .

  10.  superb


    Heath ledger (R.I.P) had put on the performance of his lifetime, nobody else could have pulled it off, he was funny, disturbing and evil throughout the film and speaking of the film it was terrific a definite rarity to watch a sequel that is better than 1st outing all the action is their with a long winded story that you really have to listen to so you can understand the whole film, also its got suspense, a few surprise's, a few sad moments and Batman kicking ass and taking names.