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  1.  Terrible Treble


    I bought the head phones for use with my mp3 player after reading the reveiws about its high sound quality.This just isn't the case.

    The headphones come with what looks like an inbuilt noise canceller, this is either broken or just ineffective as the treble is poluted with white noise.

    The cable has been noted as being short, I wasn't quite prepared for how short. 50cm including the length of the actual headphones. You'll have to have your device in a shirt pocket or clipped to your collar. Fine for an mp3 player clip, not so great for a phone.

  2.  New Cap City


    The pilot is great which is also included in this boxset. The series gets a little bit slow until about 5 episodes in. But it's to be expected as this isn't action scfi. However the reward is more than worth it, this series continually gets better right to the end.

  3.  Thumsticks don't glow


    The shape is 'almost' identical to the offical controller. Although you can't attach a keypad.

    The Thumbsticks are a little weird: I usually have my sensitivity settings quite high so I easily noticed that there is NO feedback unless you move the sticks a couple of mm from the centre. For some this might not be a problem.

    The LEDs are great, however I feel the plastic should have been clouded to soften the light.

  4.  Happy thumbs


    The thumb stick caps fit on snuggly and vastly improve the grip on the thumb sticks. They also work with PS2 and Xbox 360 controllers.

  5.  Probably good


    I bought this adapter in the hopes of connecting my xbox 360 to a monitor. This will probably work if its just a dvi monitor, however I went one step further with another adapter from a vga monitor(the 'normal' ones).

    So long story short you can't convert hdmi-dvi and then dvi-vga. I hope that helps if anyone else is tempted to give it a go.

  6.  Requires polish


    Gears 2 is a great game, a definate improvement over the first and if possible I'd give it a 9 out of 10.

    The campaign is good but a little too short. If the Insane difficulty was available from the start the campaign would most likely have felt longer. If you have played Gears1 before, play Gears2 on Hardcore the first time round for maximum satisfaction.

    The Multiplayer is vastly superior to that of Gears1. Horde is a brilliant addition! The unique adaptations of familiar shooter scenarios are brilliant.

    Also the game comes with a code for 5 downloadable maps! These are 'remakes' of Gears1 multiplayer maps. (note: these aren't just copies) This gives you 15 maps in total.

    There are glitches in the campaign that require ironing out, such as cracks between terrain that have a multicoloured glow and characters floating over the ground.
    In Multiplayer there is a horrible glitch when playing splitscreen: when your friend respawns (or goes into a camera mode) it will cancel your current action, so if you were running, shooting or most frustratingly chainsaw dueling you will stop the action and just stand there frozen for a second! Hopefully these glitches will be eliminated in an update.

  7.  Jeopardy = Horror?


    Dead Space is a highly polished 3rd person Scifi 'horror'. I must advise you to play on hard from the start for the best experience (unless unfamiliar with shooters) as without a proper sense of mortality it just won't be as scary.

    The reasons for the missing star:
    The story sucks and is predictable (even after watching 'Downfall', the Dead Space animated movie).

    The insanity of some of the weapons like the Ripper (Buzz saw launcher) just doesn't fit into the universe. Also the needless addition of a stasis weapon and 'gravgun' damages the sense of realism and gives you too much power.

    The lack of Multiplayer isn't at all suprising, but there doesn't seem to be a good reason to exclude it. A Deathmatch in ZeroG would be awesome, as would using the upgradable weapons and armour.

    Although only a slight gripe it would have been nice to play on impossible dificulty right from the begining! It's strange when games reward you with thier hardest difficulty after completion, Gears 2 also has this flaw!

    Overall this is a fantastic game. It plays well, looks awesome and is successfully scary.

  8.  Predictable expansion to the franchise


    Having only played the beta I'll only comment on the multiplayer.

    This is almost a direct translation of COD4 into the WW2 era. You've got familiar perks and kill streak bonuses WW2 style, including vehicle perks! Worthy of note are the dogs at a 7 kill streak, they really put the fear into the enemy and are more balanced than the helicopter from COD4.

    Vehicles make a comeback but so far I've only seen the tanks, with the introduction of the sticky grenade and the ability of having bazookas in a similar fashion to RPG's in COD4 they aren't too much of a hindrance against a canny (and well equipped) enemy, if well supported however they are death machines!

    The graphics and game play are very similar to that of COD4, however some of the game effects like shellshock, gas grenades and watching people get dismembered add much to its evolution!

    Online play (note: Beta online play) still uses the COD4 match making lobby which is quite terrible! Please just copy the Halo3 lobby and use a true skill matchmaking system!

    All in all it would appear to be a good game, but with so many other good titles coming out in the same period if you already have COD4 it might be worth getting Gears 2 instead (or after).

  9.  Theory of Reality


    This film is a wonderful mind bender. I would recommend watching it 3 times (or maybe 4), watching the 2nd time with commentary (if you're lost).

    If you don't have the patience to sit through the film a few times you're missing out, but to be fair that is a lot to ask your average audience.

  10.  Slow march to nowhere!


    I really like Coldplay but I'm finding it hard to overlook (or skip) the mediocre faults not edited out of Viva La Vida and at the same time wishing the album were longer! It does feel as though Coldplay are getting slightly worse with each new album, I think I'll give them one last chance!

    Brief track reviews: Life in Technicolor (an allright intro, doesn't deserve a title though!), Cemeteries in London (This is okay), Lost! (Okay), 42 (Skip!), Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love (Why isn't this 2 tracks? Okay/Skip!), Yes (Pretty Good), Viva la Vida (Brilliant!), Violet Hill (Also Brilliant), Strawberry Swing (Nice song!), Death and All his Friends (Okay, a little too long!).

    I'd say about 4 good songs- buying the singles and hoping for better Bsides might be a better idea....