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  1.  Good but


    This is a good film no mistake there. There is a couple of scenes were u think what the hell were they thinking like wen hes in the jazz club and starts dancing total crap. Apart from that great CGI venom looks class and the sandman great good film not as good as spiderman 2.

  2.  Beauty and beast


    Well wot can you say except for visualy magnificant and well written only one problem can be repeatative kill baddy climb kill baddy again fall to death climb again. Apart from that pure class like indiana jones cross tomb raider a good buy.

  3.  Avoid like cancer


    Ps2 graphics at best I thought medal of honour was bad this takes the biscuit the only thing i liked about this game was i rented it. It just looks half done it actually made me feel sad for the developers

  4.  Great on HD


    When i first got this game i didnt have a HDTV and to be honest looked like a ps2 game i was not impressed and didnt like the controls then wen i got a 1080p tv i got bored of COD 4 and started playing kayne and lynch now i think its one of the best games ive played for graphics and gameplay the first two levels arnt that impressisve but later on it gets alot better like when your in the jungle or cuba. the only reason it got 4/5 was the control system you spend the first half hour blowing yourself up with grenades jue to the R2 button for firing and the R1 for grenades. Basically if you like your killing games this is a definat buy for you. Ingnore the bad reviews these people probily judged the game by the first level.

  5.  Amazing


    Wot a game amazing gamplay graphics just one problem well to short you just dont want it to end. There this one bit where your a sniper the guy your with looks real. Best first person shooter ever made.

  6.  Best game for the ps3


    This game is amazing although it is difficult to get into at first once you get out of the sewers it opens up into a game were you can be who you want do what you want. Maybe not for your fun gamer who just wants to pick up and play but if you like exploring a different world you will love this and its so big you wont get bored. A must buy for the ps3.

  7.  A good game but


    The game is good but if you plan on saving a few quid and want to buy the ps2 version and play it on the ps3 it dosnt work just breaks up all the time. Just saving you the dissapointment.

  8.  All done before


    I dont wot all these other people were watching because this was your normal hollywood crap I must have laughed twice. No different no originality at all and with john travolter squinting and lookin old complete unorignal rubbish. But thats just my opinion.

  9.  Predictable and boring


    This game is just awful with a rubbish AI that never really challenges you and is to easy to predict and never bluffs there are much better poker games out there like poker academy 2.0